Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Bands: Fireflight

Name meaning: It is an original word, and it really means nothing. Dawn Michelle (vocalist) suggested the name shortly before a small performance at a church.

I discovered this band almost four years ago. They are signed by Flicker Records, and though they are one of the most underrated bands I've ever heard, they don't have as small of a fan base as Deas Vail, or even smaller, Halocene.

Genre: Christian Rock, soft metal and alternative

If you're looking for some ACTION, then meet Fireflight.
"Unbreakable" has such an amazing message. With its extreme popularity in both the mainstream and Chrstian world, almost everyone in the United States has heard it (no kidding). "God, I want to dream again, take me where I've never been. I wanna go there. This time I'm NOT scared!"
The video that made me buy a violin. "I know I'm not the only one. So we sing a lullaby to the lonely hearts tonight. Let it set your heart on fire. Let it set you free!"
"I know You hear me, would You give me a sign?"
"We're standing on the ashes with a clearer view and a new perspective!"

I love that Fireflight's message is always clear, and even if you're not a Christian you can relate. maybe that's why they're so popular among atheists and Christians alike. You can see it in my "Stay Close" lyric post.

I've never seen Fireflight live, but gosh, now I want to.

Look up on your own: "It's You" and "Core of My Addiction." You may also want to hear "Name" and "All I Need to Be".

This band is for fans of: Evanescence, Skillet, VersaEmerge, WEASHUMAN, Flyleaf

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