Saturday, June 2, 2012

Everything You Need to Listen to This Summer!

It's finally here. So, what should you listen to? You heard about bands that are great to get ready for summer, and now here's an updated list of SONGS you need to hear to get you in the summer-y mood. And don't worry, lyric posts are on the way! During the week of Nationals I'll probably have about five lined up to publish that week. And the week before I have a somewhat-pageant... yes, this girl is running for Greene County Princess! But here are some awesome songs that you might want to put on your iPod, especially if you're due for some new songs. (I know I am!)

Everyone needs motivation for a good workout, especially when jogging in the heat.
The clock-ticking is depressing... it mkaes me think of the music video when the kid is inside of, must I say, a SCHOOL.
The video makes me so excited to go the park and play beach volleyball with some friends...
I'm thinking of Phoenix an dI don't know why... maybe because it randomly pops in my mind and I wanna go back...
Nothing's better than guitar int he summertime. And the song is great "because I know that You love me..."
Again, there's that amzing guitar...
The piano reminds me of a swimming pool. FUN FACT: "Lovers in Japan" was the first song I ever learned on guitar.
The drumming and bass... amazing. Deas Vail wows everyone???
Even just Wesley (lead vocals) can wow the world.
Isn't the song sooo happy? Voted #1 best song to listen to during 1st period by... me.
This can also get you in a happy mood *sarcastic*...
Summer: the ultimate party.
Boyce Avenue... really hot.
I love Halocene. Remember when I was all sad because Relient K was in Phoenix the day after my stay for NFAF? Turns out, so was Halocene. Now I'm super depressed--- I could have been a fan way before now!
Summertime... "ain't no sunshine when she's gone, 'cause she's always gone too long any time she goes away."
Halocene again... but this time it's a Yellowcard song. I never say this about any cover, but dang... this is SO much better sounding than the original! Who's ready to hit the beach?
Landon Austin is so freaking hot... sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot... Combine Chad Sugg and Chris Martin and Mat Kearney and there he is. His beautiful voice, attractive looks, weirdly combed hair, and intense, raw talent. Usually I minimize videos when watching them, but I just have to look at him... it's addictive.
Who wants to play soccer? That sport brings bad memories, but oh well.
I love this girl... Yael is so talented, and this song brings a warm feeling of being around family and friends.
Who's thinking of the 90s when they hear this song? Am I the only one? 90s music is the heart of summe rmusic... I either think this song sounds like it because I was born in the 90s or because the band started in the 90s.
"Ignoble" definitely has a home-y, but very sad feel.
These images show some great summer memories for everyone. The song is "Take My Hand" by The Cab. You can also see some graduation images (0:12, 3:21, 3:29), and if you're a senior, well. CONGRATS!
Well, have a nice summer. I will be posting WAY more often during the summer months and will be sure to update you on my discoveries of new bands and new songs to keep you happy this summer:)

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