Friday, June 1, 2012

Next Time You Point a Finger...

I told you I wanted to be your bestie,
Remember that?
We were the top of the game
Nothing could stop us?
Well, nothing could stop me at least.
So today you decided to call me a little kid
You decided to say you don't like me.
Good to know we still have a few things in common,
Because I was thinking the exact same things about you.
Of course, I would've added more and I wouldn't have been a wimp
Like you
Like the fact that I wouldn't have acted like a stupid panda bear and would have said it to my face.
Because that's what big girls do, sweetie.
Or are you not caught up... even though you're older?
(This feels sooo good right now...)
We went to camp together
We sat together
We talked together
But we were keeping secrets from each other.
I didn't know you didn't like me
You didn't know I didn't like you
Which is a fact you were obviously blind to.
You called me a little kid today
But you look like a two-year-old wearing her mom's clothes
You hang out with kids who are almost in college,
Remember you're still in middle school
And I'm not the only one who thinks this.
And you bring your problems into everything.
If it's a testimony, alright
But this is everyday.
Sorry sweetie, I can't say it any other way:
No one likes hearing a repetitive story.
Who's the little kid now?
Choice A: The girl who chooses to be happy and not ruin everyone's day
Choice B: The brat who drowns everyone in the ocean of stupid?
Who wins?
So you don't like me, huh?
Well then,
Consider this fair warning.
Don't even bother talking to me---
Don't even bother asking me to sit with you---
Don't even bother bossing me around again---
Don't even bother looking at me---
Why do I have to stoop so low?
Why did you?
I will admit neither of us are winning
But I'll do anything to get away from you.
Get away from me,
Don't even say "hi."
Just go.
You wanna ignore me?
I'll show you what you did to me.
I love how you point every last finger at me
But look!
There's a mirror!
Keep your fingers outstretched and look at yourself
Now look who's under fire.

P.S. Do you wanna avoid your name being included? Consider this Strike Two. One more strike and I'm coding your name into another poem. You're lucky I'm being nice right now.


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