Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Comedy: Inception Music Changes Everything

Okay, let me say it before you do.

I think some of my blog readers know me better than my friends do sometimes.

I mean, I'm not that hard to decode when my entire life is written out.

And one thing that you guys know about me that some of my friends don't? I am obsessed---and I mean it---OBSESSED with "Inception" music. If you've been reading since June 2011, you are probably sighing right now or moving the cursor to the red X, or switching back to Facebook or Tumblr for "just a minute" because you've heard it all before.

There's even been a post on here with a similar title, Inception Music Makes Everything Intense.

Now, here's what I mean by that...

1. "Inception Music Makes Everything Intense" by Chris and Gary (@BigGuknowme on YouTube).
This is the song "528491" by Hans Zimmer. This demonstrates how simple activities can be more dramatic with a simple change of music. And a change of your outfit, get out a glass of wine (not recommended if you are under the age of twenty-one in the United States), change your facial expressions a little bit, yell "NO! NOT HERE!" when a guy tells you to make a sandwich. And there you go.

2. "Bambi Trailer + Inception Music = Blows Your Mind (Heist)" by @swordsman3003.
This is the song "Mind Heist" by Zack Hemsey. This is just an attempt to scare you out of watching Bambi and make you wanna see it again all at the same time.

3. "Inception Music Makes EVERYTHING Better!!!" by @willeyboy2.
This is also "Mind Heist" by Zack Hemsey. But worse. As much as I love Rebecca Black, this video honestly scares the crap out of me (not literally). Especially at 0:09 (she like, pops up right on time!) and 0:44 (she points you out. Again, right on time!!!). This didn't mkae me laugh at all. It just freaked me out. And to think this is the same girl we fell in love with for her cute songs "My Moment" and "Person of Interest." This is "Friday," a song little to no people liked. I liked it, though.

So, this is what INCEPTION does to a blogger after she's seen it so many times.

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