Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Books, New School

I've written stories about car accidents and princesses and gymnasts that you've seen. (The Interstate, Drama Queen Trilogy, Loser!) Now, it's time to add in some spice and suspension.

This writing career is SO hard.... while working on The Perfect Race Trilogy, I'm also writing my untitled book (formerly known as "You and Me") about mute Braeden and deaf Holli. Now, I have two other stories in mind.

Viva Las Vegas
Serafina Alderez is a young adult who heads to Las Vegas from her tiny town of Reno. At the age of twenty-one, she has a right to most anything now. At a small casino, (Sorry, but I just had to write it... it goes great with the plot. I recommend this book for whatever maturity level you are. No specific ages, my books are never too inappropriate, they never cuss or use things that could cause bad thoughts) she and some friends win big time money--- $800. It's not a million, but when the girls come close to running out of gas on the way without the money to support themselves, this is just enough to keep running.

When the girls leave the casino, they make a huge mistake. Obviously not realizing they were in Las Vegas, a town with lots more than gamblers, they separate the money outside, near the street, where anyone can count the money from a distance. Serafina (hereafter reffered to as Sera) notices strange things happening afterwards. Sera's (as in Sarah) friend Mallory buys a jasmine ring, just big enough for someone to want to kill. Back at the hotel, when the girls have finally become tired, they all get ready for bed. Sera decides to take a shower, and Mallory goes to get ice.

A shocking surprise happens when she leaves the shower. A ring---the exact same ring Mallory bought---is by the front door. "Perhaps Mallory dropped it," she thinks. She puts it on, just to try it on, but she can't seem to get it off, not tonight, anyway.

She keeps Mallory's ring on all night while she sleeps. When she wakes up, the ice is completely melted. When Sera goes to get more ice, she discovers dried blood making a trail on the carpet. Soon, it leads to a body. Mallory's own.

Who wants the money so much that they're willing to kill? In a few years, you'll know...
That's a brief preview of my very, very upcoming book of suspense, Viva Las Vegas.

Today, I spent like, (UGH....) three hours at the STEM school. After awhile, I felt sort of impatient and slightly dizzy, but the feeling passed quickly. I saw the requirements. (24 credits to graduate, and that includes math, science, and art:( UGH!!!!) I totally meet them! What don't I meet? Time management. Homework kills me. I've been doing good on getting it done on time, but sometimes the grades are still a little rough. I'm doing good in History, Language Arts, and P.E., if volleyball counts. But certainly not Science. I'm doing okay in MA7H3MA71CS, but not Science. Science is not my best friend this year. If I could see my grade... trust me, it ain't good. Geography is cool, too, I just haven't focused on it lately. But I like it. Right now, in Science, I'm learning about Volcanoes and all that Earthy stuff and I DON'T like it! It's not that I hate it, it's that I suck at it. Mrs. Maida is my teacher, and I do good on quizzes and tests, but NO.... NOT normal homework!

So yeah... to get to STEM, unless I want to go to TEM, I need to focus on Science. Which I do, but it ain't working. Science is important, considering it's a part of STEM's name. SCIENCE, Tech., Engineering, Math.

STEM won't be too hard. They take PyshicsIED, which is Pyshics and an introduction to engineering. Not too excited about engineering, but I've already taken Pyshics, (SOOOOO fourth grade) so I'll have an idea. Eighth grade will be a fun year. No, I won't get a netbook, but I've got a computer already, so I can talk to you! (Just imagine a world without computers... without BLOGGER!!) I hope that I like it at STEM. My writing career depends on it.

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  1. I'm a young author, too! I only really write fiction, but I am currently working on a book about a baby mouse I found in my closet! :)


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