Tuesday, January 18, 2011


What's a better way to start a week than having Sunday AND Monday off??? Sounds like fun! Well, I was sick all last week, so today is just another day.
It started as a dream. Today, it continues as a reality. (And as a day off.)

Yesterday was MLK day! Milk day, Martin Luther King Jr. day... whatever you call it. You didn't have to watch the whole video. But if it meant anything at all to you, it meant the world to me.

Martin was a true hero. What's the definition?

"You could be a HERO, heroes do what's RIGHT. You could be a HERO, you might SAVE a life. You could be a hero, you could join the fight for what's right..."-Superchick.

It's easy. Just do whatever you think is right. It's easy. Don't just stand there and say "Hey, that's wrong..." Take a stand for what's right, don't just correct what's wrong!

Be a hero.

Help, because
Everyone has a chance and deserves proper
Respect. It's too quick for anyone's life to be
Over, and to listen and be a friend can really save a life.
Everyone needs to be a hero.
Stand for what's right.

That's the HEROES poem, written by me:)

Can't we all be heroes??? Can't we all do just that??? Help when things are wrong? Talk to people outside of your social circle? (That one will be hard.) Respect? (Don't make me spell it out!) Listen? Be a friend? Stand for what you believe in? We can all do that.

We can ALL be heroes. Starting today.
I might post later on today to make up for yesterday's not blogging.


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