Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lead Me... I Can't Do This Alone

Okay... this dude knows a lot about hair.... RAND()M>>>>>>

Okay, here's another snippet of my life.... a life that's full of fun, a life that's full of fantasies and thrillers alike, but also a life full of sacrifices.

This life.... is full of sorrow, regret, pain, fear, irritation, ignorance, and so on.

There's many other things that people sometimes fear to put on their blogs. There's things that are very touchy to mention. Things that people do, like witchcraft, profanity, and other things that I can't even say (I've got ten-year-olds reading this).

Us Christians (and many others, too) know the difference between right and wrong. Whether you're Christian or not, you were born to know the difference.

So why do we give in? It's not on purpose--- it's almost as if we don't know a differnce that we already know.

Music leads us. No matter what it is, it leads you. K-LOVE is doing a thing this month on listening to only Christian music until February. I'll tell you straight-forward right now--- I am NOT doing it. I've gotten to a point where on my iPod, you can find T.I. and Rihanna (only one song) and Beyonce and Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat and OneRepublic. I love Christian music, but I like to listen to non-Christian, also.

This was a sacrifice. I'm keeping the T.I. and Rihanna song because it's not a bad song. But I also bought Single Ladies, (Put A Ring On It) and that's the worst song I have on my iPod. The cover of the CD.... I just shouldn't have bought that song. $1.29 of a---what I now know of---dumb song that doesn't make me happy. Beyonce is married, so where the heck does she get the single thing from?

I deleted it from my iTunes library. $1.29 that I could've spent on songs I like, like "Born Again" or "Reaching For You". But no, I bought a stupid Beyonce song.

It's still on my iPod, but I'm working on deleting it--- for good. I haven't listened to it in about six months.

Music is a weak spot for us all, because you may hear a song, find out the meaning and still you'll be like, "Well, I'm not the one that wrote it. If I don't sing along or pay attention to the lyrics, it's all good." It's a common compromise.

When I listen to music, I don't really care about lyrics unless it's Christian or I plan on singing it or something. I pay attention to things the average person wouldn't pay attention to. The drumbeat, the electric guitar, the bass, the cello, the violin, the small mess-up, the choir, the harmony, the timing, if it's on or off beat, the key, if it's in the right key or the wrong key, (It's hard to find clean versions of songs when you pay attention to that. I get annoyed easily by songs that aren't in the right key, so usually I just stop listening to the normal song and the clean version for that reason) the 8-counts and 6-counts, the kind of music, the fragrance it best works with, and sometimes I make my story plots from music. Music moves me. I played "Would You Rather", and a question was "Would You Rather live in a world without music, or television?" I was quick to say TV. Everyone stared like I was crazy. "I'd seriously rather live in a world without TV, I mean, it's not like I watch it that much anyway." And it's true.

I can be found watching shows that no middle school student cares about. While most kids my age watch Degrassi, Glee, (I liked that show before it got really bad in every single way... too much adult material) and stuff like that, I can be found watching NBC Nightly News, Criminal Minds, Downsized, Nightline, and Dateline. I'm a TV geek, so I see no problem with living in a world with no television. But music... Imagine a world without music. There'd certainly be no Lincoln Brewster or Sanctus Real. No worship. Nothing to jam to. No iPods.

Music is a way to show God that we love him, and for him to tell us how He loves us. How can God lead us without one of the most important tools in the world? Well, he can, but this is my favorite way. Music that is sweet... like a song.

Satan---right now I should say, Lucifer---was a beautiful angel. We all know the story. Cast out of Heaven, to make it short. So what was his role in Heaven? I'll tell you it was crazy important. Worship leader. He was like a Heavenly version of Lincoln Brewster. But he slipped away, and is worse than God in every way.

So... Does God hate Satan/Lucifer?
I want to say yes, but... the answer would have to be no. God is full of love and mercy, happiness and grace, joy and faith, hope and peace. Just like God in the father form can't die, (in Jesus form, yes. He became a man so he COULD die) He can't hate, either. He is all-loving. I think God is more disappointed towards Satan than feeling of hatred towards Satan. How could He hate His former angel? His creation?

Satan tempts us into his veil of bad music. He uses catchy tunes. You must admit, you can find yourself jamming to JAY-Z, Beyonce, Ke$ha, and Miley Cyrus. (I'm talking about the new Miley.)

So, if you just ask God to lead you and help you discover His music, you will find a dramatic change in your life.

"Lost and insecure.
You found me, You found me
Lying on the floor.
Surrounded, surrounded
Why'd you have to wait?
Where were You? Where were You?
Just a little late...
You found me
You found me."
Fine Arts vs. 4-H Update!

They first announced the festival today at church/Youth. They said anyone could join the band, so I was like, "Okay... well, I like to sing and I really wanna do it. No one has told me I can't sing, let's give it a little try." I signed up for the band---- Just in case I change my mind, last minute or I'm ineligible for the competition (princess). Besides, it won't hurt to do it... as long as we don't make Nationals.

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