Monday, January 31, 2011

Mispell Munday~Gimme Five Hours... It'll Be Done By Then For Sure! (my trip to *underworld*)

Welcome back to Mispell Munday! Today's story is on my trip to *underworld*. And when I say that, I mean it. A living underworld. The underworld might be something you know of like Greek Mythology or something, (or maybe just from watching Hercules!) but this is a new underworld. This is the hair salon.

 I go to the "Universal" slaon, somehwere in Harrison twp or soemthing lkie taht. On friday, i wnet to get my hiar realxed (in other words that means chemically straightening my hair) and it took forveer. i'll sohw you trhe shedule,

4:30p.m. we arirve at the unedrwrold.
4:35-7:30p.m. we wiat and we wiat. nohting hpapens.
7:35p.m. my buaetician finlaly strats on my hiar.
8:30p.m. she strats on Faith's hiar
10p.m. she's FINALLY dnoe wtih OUR hiar, not jsut mnie! i can laeve the underwrold. and i hvae no tmie to blog abuot it so i deicde to shrae it on Mispell Munday.

That's my Mispell Munday post! It's short, I know, but it had to be. What I do is spell it right, then I spell it wrong in a very special way. If I don't use this technique, your mind will find it impossible to read. This is a psychological technique that if the first and the last letters are spelled correctly, you will automatically know it.
So take this as educational... it will help you become a better problem-solver. (That I know, thanks to chain emails!) And every time you point out a mistake I make,  your improving your English and Grammar skills.

No way am I spending another one-sixth of my day in a hair salon without getting my nails done too,


  1. lol hope thats hilarious and kinda frustrating i woulda yelled at that stylist till she sat me down in that chair! thats rediculous!

  2. LoL Drew, you're hilarious. However, if I yelled at the stylist, my mom would yell at me. After all, she's kinda friends with my mom. That wouldn't work out well:)


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