Friday, January 21, 2011

HEROES Week~The Stand (Looong post, some of it is mumbo jumbo malarkey.)

"So what can I say? What can I do? But offer this heart oh God completely to you."
"So I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the One who gave it all. I'll stand, my soul LORD to you surrendered, all I am is yours."

Sorry we don't have the end:( But still, it's a cool video!
Boy... Do I wish I wrote that song! It's my favorite worship song! It's one of those songs that you're just like, I don't know how to explain it... Like, there's an instant peace inside of you. Let me try to make myself clear with a few examples: (Beware, I'm getting off subject.)

1. (I used this example talking about a verse, at Missions Extreme camp 2010) Like when you're trying on a dress and then you find another piece that just perfectly matches your dress... Okay, if you didn't quite 'get' that or didn't take it seriously, it's fine. It is a little silly:)

2.When you're at the beach, and you're one of the only people there on a cloudy, cold day. All you hear is what you want to hear... the sounds of the ocean... like an instant peace that fills your whole body.

3. You know that feeling you get when your song is being played? it's like when you're at a party and you're like, "Yeah, baby! I LOVE Linkin Park!" (Couldn't think of any better bands.) It's like that when you hear that one worship song and you're just like, "Oh, this is my jam!"

I love this song... I can just worship God and it's just me and Him... I don't even really have to 'think up' anything, it's already there. You don't know what to say, you don't know what to do, because all I can think of is in this song. So if you're wondering what goes through my mind at worship? This is it. My moment of peace. My prayer. My happiness.
Okay.... Enough standing, now let's talk about the stand, between you and the world!

Let me tell you, it's been a bogus week. I haven't been anywhere. And when I say that, I really mean I haven't been anywhere. Nowhere. Just sitting at home, watching the same YouTube video and playing that same song on JUST DANCE. (I'll show you that tomorrow.)
I went to JAM on Sunday, my first time being there as a volunteer. It was my first time, so yeah, it was weird-feeling, you know, telling the same kids to pay attention that you were in JAM with a few months ago. But I enjoyed it.
On Monday, I went nowhere because it was Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.
On Tuesday, I went nowhere. I thought I had volleyball practice at 8p.m. and it turns out it was at 6p.m. Ooops:(
On Wednesday, I didn't go to church because "I have homework", (Faith's lame excuse) "I have exams", (Charity's excuse) "I'm tired", (Mom's excuse) and "I don't feel good today, my leg hurts." (Dad is the only one who actually had a reason.)
On Thursday, I didn't have class because some friends were sick.
On Friday, (today) I would normally have gone to a workshop but couldn't. However, I am looking forward to the Science Fair.

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to Dad's band practice, you know, give me something to do. Sunday, I have to work in the nursery with (Dun, dun, dun....) the FIVE-YEAR-OLDS. Let me tell you, sometimes, it's torture. It can be bad. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!
Sorry, I had to tell you about my week. Now, here's the real stuff.

Sometimes it feels like no one cares
To be alive, they just throw their lives
Away. They need to stand, simply because they can, and make a change... save our dying world someday
Never should they give in, never should they give up on what's right. They need to fight.
Don't lose your soul, it won't make you whole, take a stand, you have a chance.
I've been writing acronym-ish poems lately... I hope you like them!

Lately it seems like---well, we all know our world is ending soon---but it seems like everyone's living their lives like we have all the time in the world. Partying like it's 1999. Walking on indifferently. Going with the crowd.

Well, think back to if it really was 1999. Who'd party and ruin their reputation if the world was ending? Well, that situation is over. 1999-ers... you got lucky!

We have no time to do nothing anymore. Now, we have to do something. We have no choice. This week was designed with the world in mind. With you in mind. With your friends in mind. With everyone but me in mind. (Okay... I have to admit I wanted some more blog traffic, but still! With you in mind!) The real reason I update this blog so often and put new designs and gadgets up because I want more traffic. I want more people to read about Jesus and how He saves lives and everything. I also like seeing the number of hits go up, but it's good to know that you can help make a difference by doing what you do everyday!

When I looked up Degrassi videos that had to do with Superchick's "Hero", there were many summaries about that season of the show, and one character became a Christian through his girlfriend. Degrassi.... not a very good show, but that's one good thing that came out of it. That episode helped a lot of teens. Probably didn't save anyone, but still, it's doing something to change the world.

Everyone is the same in this world. No one has fun anymore. No one is different anymore. Barely anyone reaches out a helping hand anymore. People still do, but it's scarce--- now more than ever. Never have I given money to the poor (well, yes I have, as in roadside stuff, but never in an organized way other than Missions Extreme) or helped out at a soup kitchen (well, I did once, but I was little.), but I can still help... somehow.

A little creativity helps. Wear clothes that don't match. Wear makeup (for you girls, let's have some fun!) that's extremely bright. Get bright green blog templates. (i'm not gonna do that... I get pretty darn bad headaches.) Be different. In an indifferent world, you'll be different--- I'm sure.

Earlier, I talked about taking a stand, not just simply saying 'stop'. Here's your stand.

This is the last day of HEROES Week, and I'm going back to normal blogging after this. But being a hero begins here. Be a hero for yourself, and take the stand. Listen to the song I have at the very top of this looooong post, and think about it.

To be a hero for others, you must be a hero in your own life as well.

The rest is written on your own. Be a hero. Will you save your life as well?

Save your life.
"I'll stand, my soul LORD to You surrendered, all I am is Yours."

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