Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Blogspot~Some Of Our Results!!!

Despite being sick and full of pressure I'm gonna do this.
WOW.... Bloggers like to watch TV from what I see! 10 votes (which is big, seeing you guys don't really like voting) is a lot! And most of the votes were for:

7 votes. 70%.
You guys also seem to like music. For the first time, I allowed NON-CHRISTIAN MUSIC to be in a contest, and BOYYYYYYY, you guys were divided on your decisions. Some like Train, some like OneRepublic, some like Paramore... oh gosh. But, even though it only had TWO votes, here's what won:

"All The Right Moves". One Republic. 2 votes, 28%.
You guys... well... you sort of like fashion. You obviously like warmth and eskimo looks and cuddliness.

Okay, I don't own fur boots THIS furry, but it'd be cool. 4 votes, 80%.
You guys are in love with social networking, you must admit, whether you voted or not. So much, 100% of the votes went towards:

4 votes.
Ever read this heart-breaking book?
It WILL break your heart. Spare a box of tissues. 3 votes, 75%.
You guys didn't vote for Skandar Keynes. I was a bit upset, because you've all seen Skandar before.
He's my precious Edmund. You disappointed me. Shame. Shame. Shame on you. (but he does need a haircut, good point.)

But, on the other hand, at least a good actress won.
Amy Adams from Leap Year and Enchanted.
That's our awards for today! I've got trophies (digital trophies) and medals (digital medals) for the winning [and placing] bloggers! Get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPCOMING: If you love Narnia, we're reading a little bit of the Narnia series and having life lessons on it! first it was with TAN, now it's with ASLAN!!!!

ALSO COMING UP: H.E.R.O.E.S. week! How to be a friend to those who need it most.

Which will come up first? I think it'll be HEROES week, because it won't last as long.

"You could be a hero, H.E.R.O.E.S. do what's right..."

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