Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HEROES Week~They Don't Really Care About Us: FALSE!

Ever heard that one song by Micheal Jackson that says "All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us!" Well, that's false! God cares about us! But when bullying strikes, 'they' really don't seem to care about 'us'.

This is not the version I wanted. I wanted the Degrassi version, so if you want to see that, go to Degrassi-Hero. That version is the best version, so please, click the link. It's appropriate... well, if you count the song as appropriate.

This is how to be a hero. The Degrassi version of the video shows what really happens in high school, junior high, and even elementary. What is it saying?

This is not an elementary school problem anymore. Bullying happens everywhere, and happens to everyone. It sends a lie through your brain: "They don't really care about me, that's why they say they hate me. If I left the school, no one would miss me. They don't care that I'm miserable, I'm just a toy, an accesory they use to make themselves look good."

It's a lie. You try to laugh it off, say you feel fine, but it still hurts. I don't know about you, but I know that it feels horrible to be bullied. I've never been bullied like Rick (The kid who eventually grabs the gun in the Degrassi video) was, but there have been times when I spend hours trying to make myself look good, and someone says, "Your outfit is so tacky", or "Your perfume... no one wears CHANEL in the seventh grade!" It bothers everyone. It hurts. You do your best everyday and someone just goes up to you to make all that work go down the drain? It feels horrible.

Maybe you're bullied, and no one helps you. You can be a hero, and maybe next time, someone WILL help you. Maybe no one you know will ever grab a gun and shoot you. Maybe no one will bully you. But someday, whether you're homeschooled or done with school, you will encounter a depressed person or bullied person. You might see a bully. You might BE the bully.

I hope both videos helped you understand that bullying hurts. Just like how racism hurts, and Martin Luther King Jr. helped just a little bit, bullying hurts every person, every race. You can make a difference.

Stop the lie. Next time you see someone who thinks, "They don't really care about us", let them know about the person who does care about us. They may know who God is, but do they really? If you asked them to summarize who He is, could they do it?

Our time is now. Stop sitting on the couch, watching crime shows and thinking, "If only things had been different for them." Things can be different, and things will be different, once we learn that we don't have the time to wait anymore. We know that Jesus is coming soon, and only God knows when. So tell the world that God is coming soon, and someday, the pain really will end. But taking your own life is not an escape from the pain, it's the beginning. Because if you're not a Christian, let me tell you, Hell is not a fun place to be.

Stop waiting. Our time is now!!!

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