Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rest of the Blogspot Awards

Okay, before I tell you the last three results from our Blogspot Readers' Choice Awards, I've got some great news for you.

Okay, Mispell Munday is WAY too hard, so just to let you be the first to know, those posts are gonna be crazy short and you aren't gonna link up to them anymore, but you can still join.

I'm starting "RandomNess Friday". I didn't create it, Prism did. She's so smart. She's a friend of a friend, so I really don't know her. But we have a mutual friend, so hey, it's not stalking. In fact, I'm gonna follow her right now... (She does great reviews on teen books. When will she publish her own?)

Also, GREATTTTTTTTTT news... Guess who's gonna be at the homeschool convention?

Tim Hawkins, you know....

But who else is gonna be at the convention??? Let me tell you, it's big! A big happy family!

THE DUGGERS!!!!!!! 19 Kids And Counting!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!
Enough said.
Wow, that was.... interesting. So, I've been pushing back the date to tell you who won the readers' choice awards. It's really cool, because the first place winner won both categories! So everyone who placed gets a digital trophy/medal, too.

I forgot to tell you which beauty product won.
It works awesomely, so go out NOW, and buy it. Now. Why are you still reading? You should be at Walgreens by now.
Here's the big news.
First and second place for "The Most Inspiring Blog" and first place for "The Best Blog" is....

2nd place
The Secret Life I mean, "A Real American Teenager!" Go Kayla! Her blog is SO inspiring, and if you go to her blog right now, she's got a really inspiring story on her dad's horse accident. I like horses, but I'm gonna be careful about getting on one...

"This is a very inspiring blog"
(You can copy and paste the image with the text for your blog and people will see as soon as they visit that your blog is awesome.)

1st place (and the winner of "The Best Blog" contest!)
Starry Amazement! (I would say her real name, but I'm not so sure she wants you to know. A lot of you know her, though.) Click here to see it.

"My blog is one of the most inspiring blogs, and it's the best blog in OUR BLOG history."
Now, I'm gonna get back to what I was doing. I was listening to a song by Paramore, but I almost feel bad about listening to it because of it's title. It's not bad, and the song  isn't either. I just love that song. "...I'll point you to the mirror!" (not it's title.) Now, I'm gonna update this blog before I get some rest!

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  1. Hey, Hope! I love your awesome blog, girl. Thanks for your comment and for mentioning me in your post! I absolutely love writing book reviews, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed them. As for publishing one of my own, that would be really awesome. I've actually written a book, but I'm too shy (imagine that... Me? Shy?) to pursue anything farther than writing and editing...and dreaming...and editing... and dreaming... and editing.



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