Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My First Walk Down Memory Lane!

I love Wednesday's Walk. I love reading Mrs. Jenilee's posts and they're always great. The link I have is a really funny one, too!

So here's the story of my life. It's starts just like yours, and then it changes and changes....
November 22, 1998. It began on a Sunday, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Because of that, my birthday sometimes is on Thanksgiving. Anywho, (I just had to say that, it's a cool fact I think) I was born on that day, almost thirteen years ago, sort of. Little, tiny baby had tiny feet that couldn't fit any baby booties because it's feet were too small. It's just the opposite now. (size 10 womens'.... I know...) Anyway, back to the subject. I had Jaundice, but it's easily cured. Before we talk more, let's talk about months BEFORE that.

My mommy was sick. (don't ask me, I don't know what was wrong.) Like, really sick. Not pukey sick, but bad sick. When she found out she was pregnant, the doctors wondered if the baby was gonna survive. Well, the baby did survive, but the baby got sick, too.

The baby healed her mommy. I don't know how, but she did. Her mom was full of strength, unlike 9 months before. But the baby was diagnosed with RSV, which is common in premature babies, and I was 4 weeks premature. The baby was in bad condition, but we know I'm healed, and that's really all I know:)

The baby was born in the sometimes cold, sometimes hot state of Utah. A lot of good came out of it. The military discounts, the view of the mountains from any window in the house, the really big house, my daddy having a great job in the Air Force, and the Olympics. What more can a preschooler ask for?

In 2002, the Olympic craze hadn't begun, but would just a few years later. THE OLYMPICS WERE BEING HELD LESS THAN 30 MINUTES AWAY! Everyone was excited. Little did I know that Apolo Ohno was competing in his first Olympics, and actually lived there. Salt Lake City did a great job hosting.

2003, and my dad's time in the military was no longer... I don't want to say not nessecary, but he didn't have to serve any longer. 21 years (3 years spent on vacation, yes, I get my slacking from my dad. Just kidding, he's no slacker.) serving in the Air Force, now it was time to retire. His daughters were 9, (Charity) 6, (Faith) and 4 (me) years old. The oldest daughter had lived in Japan, Utah, and Ohio. The rest didn't have that much traveling experience, but it was fun while it lasted.

He had this GRAND idea to move closer to home (okay, that was Mom's idea), which was Cleveland, Ohio. Mom wanted to live IN Cleveland. That was a no-no. (sorry, Doug, if you're reading this.) So we moved near Wright-Patterson AFB and it worked well. Dad got a suvillian job on base, (didn't last very long) and everyone was happy.

At a certain point, we weren't happy. No friends, you know, that kind of stuff. But we changed our minds. LOVE it here. We joined sports and had so much fun, eventually.

My first best friend's name was Ciara. I met her at church and she was in my homeschool group. We were best friends. That all changed, soon.
She stopped going to our church and the visits with her family were very distant. They stopped homeschooling and BAM! I didn't see her for a long time. We haven't spoken for about two or three years. No fight, but we hadn't seen each other and went our separate ways.

My other best friend was Valerie. Great friend. We're still friends to this day. I met her going on a walk on one of the first days in Ohio. She had just moved here also, from New Mexico or Kentucky, idk. She was sitting on her car bumber with her black lab, Smokey. (that dog is 9 now... can you believe it??? It has the same birthday as Faith.) She was eating M&Ms, and I walked up randomly.

"Can I have an em-in-em?" I asked. She was in third grade at the time and gave me one. I dropped it. Another one. Dropped it. Another one. Ate it.
"Thank you!"
Charity, who was embarrassed, tried to explain. I remember the sweet taste of that chocolate... mm...
That day on, her and Charity were good friends.

We went to her house for the first time and her dad answered the door. The first moment he saw us, he turned his head and yelled, "Valerie, who are these people????" She told him and they let us in and after that, B.F.F.

Long story short because too many good things happened, she moved last summer to Colorado because of her dad's job in the Air Force. Look what the military can do to friendships. I still contact her and miss her, and she's graduating next year, just like Charity is. They're in the same grade, and forever, when I think of Ohio, I'll think of all the fun times we had.

I joined cheerleading in 2008. I joined gymnastics later that year, and had fun. I joined volleyball in '07, and continued in '10. Athletics was looking good for me, but to know more about that, just read Gymnastics IS Life.

I began blogging in early 2009, and to this day I still do. This is my second oldest blog, the oldest one that works, and I'll never forget it. Of course, I'll make a high school blog when I'm in high school and a college blog when I'm in college, a business blog when I have a job, a marriage blog hen and if I get a husband, a mom blog if I become a mom, a homeschooling blog if I choose to homeschool, and so on. But I'll always remember THIS blog.
That's the end of today's Wednesday's Walk, soon, we'll start talking about actual events!

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  1. very good post hope! I read every word. Loved reading your story! thanks for linking it up! I learned some new things about you!


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