Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shake, Shake, Shake; Senora!

If you follow me on Twitter (sorry, I protected my tweets... but you can ask to follow me, sorry) you saw that yesterday, I tweeted some of the lyrics to "Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte. Also, in yesterday's post I mentioned watching the same YouTube video all week. Now, you know why.

"Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte.

This song I first heard on "JUST DANCE 2" and it's so fun to listen and dance to!

Try dancing to this in front of your computer, and you'll know why it's fun to play! You should totally get the game! Some say "Dance Central" is better, but it sounds like a bogus knock-off. (To be honest.)

This song is just SOOOOOOOO catchy... and with the Disney scenes, it's even cooler! It makes me want to WATCH it... not just LISTEN to it. Usually, I minimize the video and blog while listening, but with THIS video... I have to watch it.... GroovyChris (the person who made the video) leaves you with no choice but to watch it.

If you're an adult or something, you might know this song from "BeetleJuice". (I never watched that, but it appears it had something to do with it.) This song... I've fallen in LOVE with oldies!

Over the summer, at my Aunt Rosa's house I watched a documentary/commentary or whatever the word is, movie about Marvin Gaye (or someone else, idk). It might've been... But anyway, I watched a video about him and we've all heard at least one song by him, in fact, here's one that you know:

Oh yeah... You've heard this one.

Here's another song we all know. (You may not recognize the title, but you've definitely heard it.)

This song is on Just Dance, and I blogged about it a while ago, in a snippet of my life. There you can see the Just Dance video.

That's my life for today... Expect to hear from me soon... I plan on joining The Goodwin Family in Wednesday's Walk! (I'm typing about when I was a baby through to four years old.)

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