Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I would show you the video, but we all know the song. You know the drill:

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me..."

Yeah. Respect me. I don't play, I want my respect.

"We're tired of banging our heads against the wall and working for someone else. We're people too, we like the birds and the bees... We'd rather die on our feet, than keep living on our knees."-James Brown.

We're Christians! We're tired of banging our heads against the wall (like how we keep running into sin) and working for someone else. We work for Jesus! Yes, we have fun, too. Even though living the Christian life may seem to the outside people like no fun, but we have more fun! Just because we have extra standards doesn't mean anything. We're people, too. But we'd rather die doing something than live doing nothing.

So, to be a hero, you have to respect.
Respect my face
Even though I'm young, it ain't wasted
People try to turn me around, ruin my life, but
Everyone can mean no one. I'm living for God! So respect me, please
Can you give me some ease?
Trust me, life can have more peace

If you'd just respect me, please.
This means to be a friend, but more than just the average.

-Is there in tough situations
-Is there in the fun times
-Supports you when it's most important
-You can still have lots of fun with them
-You spend a lot of time with them

-Is there in tough situations, BUT doesn't try to squeeze things out of your mouth that you don't want to talk about in the moment, respects your emotions.
-Is there in the fun times, AND helps you remember the other fun [and embarrassing!] times.
-Supports you, never brings you down (and they go to that big pageant every year, just for you).
-You still have the funnest times with them, no matter what!!!
-You spend a lot of time with them--- HELLO, that's why you're BEST friends!

So... how can you actually be a HERO this way? Like, a serious hero? A real hero?

Friends are important people to help.

Friends also can get into bad situations. If you're there in the good times and bad, when it comes time to tackle the ugly, it's easy to help and fix the problem. Friends get depressed--- no, we all get depressed. But if one day your friend really is depressed and the pain won't leave, and if they even bring up the thought of something horrible happening to themselves, like suicide, you can say, "Don't die. Because you're a great friend. If you die, many others can't live without you. Everyone will miss you, and besides, life has it's ups and downs. You don't want to miss out on all the fun things that are coming soon! And you don't want anyone else missing out because they're sad." That won't do much, but in your own wording, you're sure to help them feel a little better, and not have to be singing "How To Save A Life". But, if they do make a bad choice, you can say that you did something. That's a real hero.

Respect me... I'm a person, too!

Die on your feet... Don't live on your knees.


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