Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!!

Okay, have I got some news for YOU!

This blog is gonna take a seasonal spin. In October, I would like to stick with my school girl design, but September is coming to a close... (halfway through September already?) and now what used to be the beginning of the school year now means that I've been in seventh grade for over a month now. So the pink school girl look has to go:( But don't be surprised if it's back next year!:)

In October, with All-Church Hayrides, Harvest Parties, and even the dreadful Halloween, we're gonna have a BLAST! Giveaways, a fall design, fall buttons, (yes, the buttons I didn't know how to do) and, one special FOLLOWER (but you must know me in person) will get a free notebook, with pre-written notes, by me, all about how to improve your blog and tell the world about Jesus with your simple Twitter and Facebook pages.

Also this month, we have to say goodbye to our beloved TBC. I had fun writing comments about pre-picked Bible verses, and had fun reading your comments. WHEN you wrote comments. People like Kayla and Mrs. Jenilee are the ones who may not have always posted a comment or read, but I knew they were updated. YOU CAN BE ONE OF MY TOP COMMENTERS!!!!

Top commenters get all the benefits, because at the end of TBC, there will e a giveaway--- and only top commenters names will be drawn. So everyone, start talking!

TBC is gonna end in an exciting way. Revelation is a fast-paced book, but it can be difficult to understand. My comments on it (I chose verses that I understand) will hopefully give you an idea of it. We are also using hit songs like "Reve;ation" by Third Day, "Revelation Song" NEWLY ADDED to the blog by Phillips, Craig and Dean; and the classic "Hallelujah" by Tenth Avenue North.

Prayer Camp is gonna be an awesome experience in November! At a normal camp, you gain friendships, you have FUN, and you go home as a better and funner person to be around. At THIS camp, you're the host, you develop a stronger relationship with the bestest friend you could ask for, you learn more, you become more disciplined, and you leave your room each day (did I mention for SEVENTY days, seven prayers PER DAY?!) as an easier person to get along with. Host YOUR own camp on YOUR OWN blog right after I start!

To host your own prayer camp, just wait until I start. Copy and paste my post, and my posts will be organized in this order:

-At Dawn
-At Breakfast
-Between Classes
-At Lunch
-After School
-At Dinner
-At Bedtime

Where I wrote what I prayed about, just backspace and type in what YOU prayed about! And make sure you have the bloggy button on every post!

I realized that a way I can make bloggy buttons (similar to Facebook Flairs) is with Picnik. The problem: I don't have, nor WANT Picnik. I know of two friends that have it:



And since Picnik isn't free, and that's the EASIEST way to make a bloggy button, I guess time'll tell. But Prayer Camp WILL have a button, and everyone can put one on their blogs! (it'll be cute for BOTH genders, too.)

In volleyball, my team seemed to be doing great, just when a girl on the other team KILLS us with her serve! 8 consequtive points! Once she had 20! It seems impossible because you have to rotate, but this was a practice game, not for real. I knew there was something fishy about that girl--- not just her serve. From the day of the parent meeting, I sat next to her, and was instantly annoyed.

Bright side, you can pray for my team if you want!

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