Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ideas You'll Love

OMG, I found so many fun things we can do after TBC is over! I know this sounds bad, but I'm looking forward to the end of TBC because it'll be SO fun!

Prayer Camp
Ever been bored of praying? Does it seem like a boring routine/ Prayer is---almost---not a routine anymore. This is a new kind of church camp, but not at church. This is an away camp, but you're right at home. This camp is YOUR camp, but it's focused on God entirely. A free, 70 day camp, 7 prayers each day. Times to pray are when you wake up, (thank God for today) at breakfast (for your food), between classes at school, (praying for whatever your needs for the day are) at lunch, (praying for your classmates) when you get home, (thanking God if you had a good day, venting to him if you didn't) at dinner, (thanking God for you surviving yet ANOTHER day) and when you go to sleep. Any blogs can host it, as soon as I start, you can copy and paste my post, then fill in what YOUR day was like. It's all for God.

Vacating Without Vacation
This will be fun. Because of this, we will have a vacation songs tab with songs listed like "Shark in the Water" and "Someday" and stuff you'll like. There will be random things like, "Find a Volks Wagon!" and more! I will show photos of my own vacation from North Carolina to Georgia (Hope went down to Georgia) and you can see EVERYTHING I saw, without ever leaving Ohio this year. Is it vacation? Or vacating? Or neither?

Seven Wonders
The seven seas, the seven landmarks, the seven football teams... SEVEN WONDERS! See the top seven of... pretty much... everything.

All for One
What can you get for a dollar? A lot.

I'm excited! You'll love these series!

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