Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cute Pic! Bible Break

We're having a Bible Break... break from all the challenges. For this cute picture that will instantly make you smile or laugh.

This is Lexi... again. She's probably gonna be my profile picture. Right now, if you scroll down, she probably is. My profile already is her in the snow... she loves snow.

This is her on my bed and modeling... showing off whatever she wanted to show off and... what do you know? She's walking by right now, LoL!

The finger phalanges with the pink nails are mine. Yes, those dangerous, sharp nails belong to me. And Lex, the main model in the photo, is chilaxing on... MY PINK SWEATPANTS??? Not cool, Lexi. But yep, that's Lexi for ya.


  1. Hope! I love your new layout! It is soo you! Give Lexi a hug for me!!

  2. I love my new layout too! I instantly fell in love with it!!!! BTW I already gave Lexi a million hugs:)

    -Hope da Blogga


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