Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

What if I told you I could almost do a back walkover and that I was really close? Well good news then--- I'm almost there! Today at gymnastics (I almost fainted doing this, seriously, I didn't feel good) my coach had me and Marquie (a gymnast who's my age, luckily) do back walkovers, because we are like, the only girls in level 4 who couldn't do a back walkover yet who went to level 5 today.

So Marquie was doing back walkovers a different way than me and probably did better because her way was slightly easier, but not by much. So I did it lifting my leg as I bent over backwards and kicked my best and almost made it. the problem? In a tick-tock, which is a front walkover/back walkover, I can't bend backwards, so I don't really have support. But even if I get a low score I can still have patience.

Around this time last year, I was training REALLY, REALLY hard for a meet and was POSITIVE I'd win. At the actual meet there was this really biased judge that judged level 3 very badly. Her daughter she judged very low and tied her with a girl who didn't even know the routine. I was given third place instead of whatever place I should've got. My coach said I should've placed first or second.

At the last meet, though, it was a spectacular turn around. It was waaaay better. At the meet before, I was only mad because the second place girl had a good routine, (Hailey) but the first place girl FELL. No reason to place high, she was just cute. Fat cheeks, adorable. But at THIS meet, the judges were fair, I placed where I wanted to, and now i'm going to place one place higher. Big deal. That means, FIRST PLACE!!! But the main thing, those two meets taught me only two things:

1. If you don't attempt, how do you know if you can do it?

2. Always have patience, don't be in a rush, even if that means a low score.

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