Sunday, December 13, 2009

History Field Trip

About that... here's everything other than stolen coats...

Our homeschool group went to a museum in Cinncinnati for an exhibit on mummies and had some extra fun...

Mummy watch!
Two. Real. Mummies! I know, ewww but interesting. (And that's coming from me!) Four-year-old and sixteen-year-old. They are both from the B.C. times. I just couldn't get past the fact that these mummies, under glass and wrappy stuff, were humans who were alive before Jesus. Stinky probably!

I don't feel so good... BLAH!
We got to watch a movie about mummies in this dome shaped room with really HIGH rows, and a planetarium-effect. Me and Beckah (my friend) were sick before the movie even started! Luckily, we did not throw up. I can tell you we almost did! But it was otherwise fun.

There was a water place in the children's museum, and it was sooooo fun! My friend Taylor dared Maria (we ALL know her) to stick her head in the water. OH MY GOSH... MARIA DID IT! This a reminder to never dare her about ANYTHING.

I've got my hat, my purse... wait! I forgot my head!
In the children's museum, there was this really difficult to describe thing that you climb up in a stair formation that switches positions, like one stair to the right, other to the left and so on. I was trying to get up and got my head stuck! It hurt all right, but i'm fine!

Testing, testing... fail or pass?
Before the trip, we took the last test of the semester. Call it mid-term, call it final, IDK. And IDC. I don't know my scores for my History test, but I hope it was better than science! The horrible score: C 77.

Sup w/ u?
Tomorrow I have to go to my favorite level (Almost!) LEVEL 5! I have to make up for my injured foot and a recent power outage.

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