Monday, December 28, 2009

Stickin' It!

I'm practicing back handsprings right now! I have perfect back handsprings, it's just I don't jump enough and I don't look at my hands. I want to go back to class with the skill perfected!

I bought a new shirt for that day. It is from Aeropostale and says [of course] "Aeropostale" on it on the left side vertically with some cursive writing under it. It's pink too, the color I wear most! LoL! Most of you guys know me very well and see me like, every Sunday and Wednesday, or at least used to, so you know I always wear pink, unaware of it! If you saw me on the street, you could point out something pink. I'm a huge girly girl!

How was your Christmas? Mine was awesome, got a digital camera, the "toy" I wanted most!!!! And Jesus was born on that day, and even if he wasn't, who cares anyway? At least he was born!

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