Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Issue: illegal drugs

My sister's coat was found:) Anywho, I am starting this series called The Issue which is about bad stuff in our modern world and research and experimenting on it. Today the issue is drugs.

Illegal Drugs by Hope Angelica Ezell.
You take Tylenol for your headache. Advil for your arthritis. But sometimes, drugs aren't always good.

Have you heard of D.A.R.E.??? If you have, you know what i'm talking about. And please tell me what DARE abbreviates. Well you know it is a program that is against drugs. That is pretty much all I know. You take it when you're young, so you know better when you're older.

Well after some experimenting, I saw how this druggy process works. Have you taken a pill? Yes? Well today I grabbed a glass of water and two smartie candies to see something. I pictured something.

Why would a kid/teen/adult want to do this? I thought a little more.

Depression. Lets say... 7 years of bullying. Picture that you are not a christian. Your parents are divorced. You're public schooled with no friends and get your lunch stolen EVERY SINGLE DAY. And imagine this too: You are not on the computer/phone/iPod right now because you're homeless. You have every reason to hate yourself. So you consider suicide and yada yada yada and take drugs. You think they make you feel so much better.

Curiosity. You are walking on the streets. You DO have a good life and are a christian. You're just walking home from school, thinking about what to say as an excuse for your bad grades. You walk through an ally as you always do and see some gang people. You see drugs in their hand. You think everyone should feel welcome, so you say, "Hello! Isn't it a beautiful day?" They start cussing you out because they are not good people. "Gosh, just bein' nice." You say and walk away. You find a pill on the ground. Germs, ewww! But you take it anyway, thinking it's just Ibuprofen or something. You feel sick.

Being dumb. This is one of the main reasons right here people!!!! People are at parties and lose control when they have no business drinking and that's as far as i'll go for dumb people.

Peer Pressure. You are with your friend[s]. Or at least you think they are. You guys talk and text and talk as you walk to a restaurant with no parent or guardian. You guys start chatting and you find out your friends are using drugs. They try to get you to do it. You do it knowing it's wrong.

Guys, I know you know, but this is important. Drugs can kill you, DUH! But here's some other side effects that I read in Seventeen.

Diarrhea, vomiting, heart attack, and that's all I remember...

Also, drugs are SOOOO not the answer. Remember this post, please if you want to live past thirty. (And longer than Micheal Jackson.)

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