Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Interstate Chapter 11

Izzy posted a comment on my blog on the first day! Thank you!
The next day I repeated the same routine. It's so boring how the days drag on and on and on and on. Sometimes I just wonder... if God was real, then why would there be death? It all makes no sense. I didn't do anything. No one else did. So why would I have to die someday? Because Adam and Eve's sin? It's not even MY fault! That just makes me so mad.

And why would I have to attend church? Because my parents say so? I can't wait until I turn eighteen! I can live in my own apartment, go to a school of my own choice in a state of my own choice, not Ohio, the last state I'd think of.

And saying prayers before eating... Listen. If i'm hungry, i'm gonna eat with no barriers!

Sure I may sound like a selfish pig, but this is all true.

Later on in the week, I decided to stop going to church with my family. I also didn't attend Mckenna's funeral, or Jeremy's. I regretted it afterwards, knowing McKenna was my best friend and Jeremy was my boyfriend, both amazing band members, but it would be too sad for me. I couldn't go.

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