Saturday, December 19, 2009


GUYS! I sent my floor music TWICE and you didn't listen to it. Guys... IT'S NOT THAT HARD! Promise me you'll listen this time. And i'm working on my blog book too.

I did some variations of music for each level. And for certain people, (Drew) If your YouTube is blocked on the computer, use it on the iPod. If you're not allowed, I understand.

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

Level 8:

Level 9:

Level 10:

Okay guys, I only want you to listen to level 4 really. I chose most of these songs by myself. Here are the songs in order by level:

Wolverine, Pink panther, National Treasure suite, Treasure, Viva la Vida, August Rush variations, Narnia theme song.

Tell me wich one you like most and dislike most!!!

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