Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More stuff!

My neck hurts REALLY bad. Is it possible to sprain your neck? Please comment or email contactyourblog@gmail.com.

I was thinking about something as I read a book I recently checked out. You can already guess what it was about--- I talk about gymnastics all the time. Sure hope it's not annoying!!!!

Someone, a twelve-year-old said this--- "I really started [gymnastics] too late to be an elite. I'm practically the only one who is twelve still on level 4." This totally describes me, only i'm not twelve. She said she had been a gymnast for a year, just as me. The saying was a little discouraging for me though, because it means i'll never make it to the Olympics, and I really want to go!!! Sure, I started when I was nine and not two, but I know of two gymnasts who went to the Olympics in their thirties! WOW!

And besides, I left out something. "I don't care though. It doesn't matter how old you are, how tall or short you are, how good you are. If you are having fun, then that's what counts."

So even if I don't go to the Olympics, or am even elite or level 10, I can say I did a good job. And I might go someday, that would definetly be cool. Gymnast, author, model, makeup artist... and the occupations continue...

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