Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2! Beep ba beep ba beep beep beep!! LoL

I saw Alivin and the Chipmunks, but not just Alvin., but number 2 with my friend Becca and her family from homeschool group! It was so funny!

At first we didn't make it into the theater because it was so full. And it was Tuesday. So we had to sit out for two hours waiting for the next showing.

It was hilarious! Here is the meaning of the movie:

The chipmunks are at a concert and something happens (Btw you don't want to read this if you didn't see the movie!) and so they break Dave's neck and leg. Dave puts them in high school...

So somehow Alvin gets put on the football team. He doesn't make it to the talent show and the chips get mad at him and Theodare starts crying... (my fav. chip!)

So they meet the chipETTES. Brittany, Jennette, and the fat one, Eleanor. They sing Single Ladies, LoL!

So yada yada yada, there's a happy ending and the rest I can't really explain.

I was so suprised at the people I saw! Melyndee from church, Hayden from level 5, Megan and Marissa from level 3, but not so sure the twins and Hayen remembered me. (Megan and Marissa are twin---identical---sisters.)


  1. hey hope didi you get my comment about that book on your newest blog?If you didn't go check it out! please


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