Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hopie and stuff

I'm at the computer right now about to begin typing chapter three of my actual book. I'm eating peanut butter at the same time. Not sweet enough for me, but yum anyway!

Well for my childrens' church, www.betheljamadventures.blogspot.com, we are performing as a choir. I'm very excited! I love to sing and all, it's just the fact that I have a duet with my friend Mariah, and some of you might know her. I get so nervous when all the attention is on me or me with someone else because that's just how I am. So whenever my 'nervous problems' happen, I usually sing too quietly, or just kind of whisper the lyrics. But if I have a duet, I better sing a lot louder!!!! And i'm counting down. 4 days!

Ouch! Just then I did a handstand trying to practice for the beam, (I have an advantage for that, because heavier girls are better on the beam because they have lower centers of gravity, but being heavier can be bad for me, especially when it comes to fast movements like vault, especially because i'm tall, I have to eat healthier) And I felt a muscle pull in my shoulder, all the way to half of my neck. I'm always hurting myself!

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  1. Hey Hope you'll do fine if you just focus on the song and forget about the croud just picture yourself singing or with maria in your room by yourself or with maria and you will sing fine trust me! I know you can do it!

    P.S. you are loud i know it! :)


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