Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hey waz up? I just got home from my friend's 11th b-day party sleepover. I can feel the Zs coming on. YAAAAAAAAWN. I seriously DID yawn you know. We stayed up 'til 6:30 in the AM. Everyone was like, freaking out about going outside, because we were sleeping in her camper, and behind her camper, there's this super creepy greenhouse, and this man lives in it, it's full of trees, but NOTHING GROWS IN THERE. And like, every night someones sleeping out there, he SHAKES the fence, waves his flashlight, and says in this creepy voice, "hey guys." And I was sleeping on the side where he does it, and I like, almost cried, because people tried to scare us, and yeah. The weird thing? He ALWAYS does it when her sister, (an adult) goes inside to get pillows, or if he knows she's asleep. And I was freaking out, like, I really wanted to LEAVE I was so scared. And then, she decided to be the crazy girl she is, and say, "Hope, wanna jump on the trampoline?" And I was like, "M, (not saying full name for internet protection) are you crazy? NO!" She kept on asking me for some tissues, because she thinks she might have allergies, and so do I. I might have allergies. Then she wanted me to actually go inside with her to get medicine for her throat. Then, the next day, today, we were staring at the greenhouse, and, WE SAW SOMETHING. Not kidding! We could see blond hair, and a quarter of the "hey guys" guy's head, and he was trying to be super still. But it moved. You don't even want to know about the scary stories Laure (not saying full name) told us. Her college is haunted, and she told us about this hermit guy. SCAAAARY. It was super fun!


  1. Oh MY GOSH!!! I really wisj i could have come but i am w/ my grandparents but i am having fun!! But Did you really see him??
    Oh my gosh when i went over her house last summer he came up to camper and it scared the crap out of me and Maria i think we started to scream and he left....But it as realy scary!!!!Love much,

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