Tuesday, May 19, 2009


In my History class, I read a book called The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom and it wasn't HALF as boring as I thought! Sure, I zoned out a little, but who cares? I still got a LOT of info on her. I dyed my hair! It's temp though so it'll be out, by like, the end of the week. It's pink highlights and all! So anyways, the book was really good, so get out and read it! Also read other books. Just because summer is coming, does that really mean you have to stop reading? I like to read, it just depends on what i'm reading, so usually I don't finish the book, that's why when someone asks if I like reading, I say flat out no, because it is rare that i'll find a good book that I can continue with, and I usually read for school, and especially in the summer. Right now i'm reading Where's Nancy? A Nancy Drew super mystery. It's around nine and the sun is still out. I just can't wait to move up in gym. levels! I'll be a Level 4, and the next set of skills is a back handspring, pirouette, front tuck (that's a flip), back walkover, and headstand. What I can do out of those is a front tuck and I used to be able to do a pirouette, but I sprained my knee on Christmas Eve, and of course I didn't go back for two weeks, so I can't do it anymore.

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