Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'M preschool teacher of the month!

Earlier this week, when I got my Church babysitting schedule in the mail, I saw the best thing ever. It was the third best thing that ever happened to me! I was preschool teacher of the month for June! Awesome way to start summer! So what do you plan on doing this summer? I have Honor Star crowning, Stars and Friends retreat, Missions Extreme camp, and a book to write. The rest of the summer is just gymnastics. Yeah, sadly i'm not taking summer off because I might lose my flexibility, plus, I could get my back walkover faster... and maybe back handspring! I'm not afraid to go for it, I mean, all that's to it is throwing yourself backwards... i'm sorry. That was a HUGE lie. I'm super afraid when it comes to those. Everyone in class is. (except one girl, who can actually do it) But I promised myself to do it soon, so summer class WILL pay off. BTW i'm not going on vacation this year either.

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