Friday, May 1, 2009

Routines keeping me from you

Sorry for not posting in a while! I've been busy with my routines and the church garage sale, so I forgot about my blog. My performance is TOMORROW! I'm so scared! I don't even think i'm ready! AHHHHHHH! Please, please help me not to be nervous! It's my first meet since January! And this meet--- could be my ONLY chance to move up in levels this year. I want to move up--- it's about time. i've been in this level for eight months now. I used to be in the highest level, but I got moved down. I'll be back up! To move up to the next level I must be able to do a front limber, CHECK! For level 5, I must be able to do a back handspring. Well... i'm working on it! I'm so excited, but not really. Whenever I think of my imperfections, I get this, I don't know, queezy feeling in my stomach. I don't have stage fright THAT bad to when i'll puke (so unfabulous) so what do I have to worry about? Well i'll tell you what I have to worry about. Deductions. Injuries. At the last meet I was almost undefeated, and am still on my tippy toes (remaining on top.) Well Monday, the brand new book Sarina And The Prom is coming out. Just for viewer awareness (DREW) the book will NOT be violent! It will be PG and lower. OMG I sprained my nail today. No, I didn't break it, I sprained it. After getting a beautiful manicure, it goes down the drain. I hate my long, pretty nails! OMG I got a new leotard and all I can say is PATRIOTIC! It's none other than the colors of the american flag! Plus, it's metallic spandex, so you can almost see it. No, it does not LOOK like the american flag, but similar enough to be compared. I already planned my makeup, a little bit of eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, maybe some moisturizer, and lipgloss, my FAV part! Well me and my sis were watching Prince Caspian on the DVD player, so I gotta go and see my husbands Caspian, Peter, and Edmund! Well i'm not married to them all at once, but i've been married to them one at a time.

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  1. Hope OMG GJ on floor okay i get it on the story Omg Omg Omg Omg YOU SPRAINED YOUR NAIL!?!?!?!? I didnt even know that was possible!?!?!?!?! B/C im a dude!!!! (DUH!)


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