Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just got back from Level 4!

Today was my second day in Level 4 gymnastics. Today was really just conditioning, and she (my coach) worked us super hard. From lifting weights to squating while trying to balance a excercise ball on your head (holding it, of course!), we did it all. Speaking of heads, my coach's daughter got a concussion trying to get food on the counter and fell on her head. (did I mention she's 6 and in 1st grade?) Then, like, a couple hours later, she went BLIND. She was screaming and crying and said, "I can't see!" Then my coach said, "how many fingers am i holding?" Then Kaylah felt her fingers. And my coach was like, "was this because of your fall?" and she was like, "what fall?" So she took her to the hospital... (had to edit this version) It took 45 minutes to see a doctor... so Kaylah's mom (miss Angie) was told if she threw up in 24 hours, she needed to come back. She threw up at school... she came back... all I can say. I'm sure my coach doesn't want u guys to know ALL the info I was told, so that's it. Kaylah is all better now! And I have gymnastics 2maro, and the day after that, BOTH hour and a half classes. Luck to me!

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