Monday, May 11, 2009

Totally tagged,/ now iTag...

I am: Happy
I think: About Anything and everything There is to think about.
I know: I am a bit wierd but IDC
I have: 2 siblings, 2 sisters.
I hate: Satan, sin, violence, and anti-fashion.
I wish: I was a really amazing gymnast
I miss: my friends at cheerleading, including my coach, the Bowmans, seeing my friend Ciara.
I feel: kinda bored.
I hear: My dad talking.
I smell: not really anything. Dinner, I guess?
I crave: CAKE. As always.
I search: For a book for my History assignment due next week.
I wonder: If my friends are really my friends.
I regret: not dancing with my dad at weddings I've been to.
I love: everything.
I am Not: a shy person
i believe in: Jesus, fashion, and being nice.
I dance: all the time, in my room to music.
I sing: not like bursting into music like in musicals, I just sing on an average..
I cry: average, a lot when i'm stressed.
I don't always: say nice things. It happens on accident--- I don't even try!
I fight: a lot with my sister.
Iwin: rarly cause my friends (including Maria) usually won't give up, even if I AM right.
I lose: not too much, but very often, usually practicing arabesques on the beam against a friend.
I never: say no to a friend who needs to talk, no matter what hour.
I always: try to keep my peeps from feeling left out, whether a friend or not.
I confuse: many, many people.
I listen: To my pastor talk, and music, and all my coaches.
I can useually be found: reading a magazine or AVON brochure.
I need: STEAK!!!!
I'm happy when: I do something better than some of my friends, because they're usually better than me.
I imagine: What heaven is like and being a famous actress, possibly even Olympic gymnast.
Ok now I tag:Drew from Drew's Blog, Maria from THE BEST BLOG EVER, Leah from Candygirl and I think that's it, unless you wanna do it, then I tag you too.

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  1. MY my my my!! Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!


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