Friday, May 29, 2009

Honor Star!

Remember when I wondered if i'd become an honor star? Well the name says it all! I passed the test! Got shoes, a dress, next: glam! Makeup, jewlery, hair, and beyond. I can't wait! Well I just got back from my first OFFICIAL day in Level 4. I luv it! It's an hour and a half, but it feels MUCH longer! Now, I feel like I might as well LIVE at the YMCA. I was there Tuesday, Thursday, today, then I gotta be there again 2maro. And I thought I was sore today, imagine how i'll feel tomorrow. There is three other girls in my class with the same height, so I don't feel like the tallest---or the oldest---girl in class. There is only, like, what? Three boys in all the levels put together? Yeah I feel so bad for them. In my level i'm working on back walkovers, pirouettes, and back handsprings. How hard can that be? My goal is to have ALL my evaluations, be in level 5, by the year my older sister graduates. Next year she'll be a sophomore in High School, so i've got a loooooooong time to go before I need to have those skills. This level is tougher, no kidding. My coach even said if we can't hang with the level 4s (that means, no crying for no reason at all, (that would be Maya #3 and Emily #2) paying attention in class, and all that "mature" stuff) then she'll move us DOWN. I know I CAN stay with Level 4. I don't have any problems like that. That makes me feel good to know that if I get moved, i'm going UP!
Peace to all,

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