Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wake Up, America!

Alright, if there's one thing Bob marley taught me, it's to "Get up, stand up... stand up for your right." Today in school, I learned to do just that.

And by the way, this post is not targetted toward a younger audience. If you are below the age of twelve, I do not recommend reading this post. It's not bad stuff, but it is talking about some serious problems that are going on in the world today, and I'm not editting it to where it's completely safe for all ages this time. So if you are under twelve, there are fluffier posts on here to read (wow, I feel like Lemony Snicket right now...). Like my post about genetics that will help you pass eighth grade biology when you're in that grade (and did I mention I think I passed today's Bio test because of this song??? AHHH!!!).

So, it's time to wake up, America, because we've been asleep for far too long. This post will be talking about how our country is slowly following a dark path... and a darker path... but how there are still pieces of hope, and how we are getting closer and closer to that day...

Debate club. 11:15a.m.
So, I'm in debate club at my school and am totally loving it. I love how angry I am after a terrible debate... not so healthy, I'm pretty sure. But today was different.

We always divide into two teams based on who believes what. First, we tried debating medical marijuana--- should it be legal? I must admit, I was on the "should be legal" side, just out of ignorance. I mean, OOH, MARIJUANA! THAT'S THE GOOD STUFF! Just kidding, I'm not like that. But that didn't work... only one kid was on the anti-marijuana side. So, our club leader who is also a Sociology, Psychology, and eighth grade History teacher but doesn't teach me, decided it wouldn't be fair to have my friend Mikayla, who was on the anti side, have to argue with just her against the world (Yes, I love the song "Us Against the World" by Coldplay). So we voted on a topic we were supposed to debate next week (little ones, if you're still reading, don't).

Same-sex marriage.

Oh yes, I said it. Never even brought up the topic on this blog in the nearly three years it's been around. Always been afraid to bring it up. But I'm thirteen now, and being public-schooled (before I was homeschooled--- had friends from sports and church, but was mainly surrounded by Christians) I know that homosexuality is an even bigger problem than what I though before. Public school has opened my eyes completely, and believe me, I'm not the same.

We chose our sides and guess how many people are on my team? Not ten, not five--- THREE!!!! "Curtis is on the other team (that's for same-sex marriage)? That's a shocker. Oh wait--- Thanks a lot Curtis, you're not even HERE!" I thought. "If only Curtis had been here and not working on his netbook for some project or whatever... maybe this debate could work." Curtis is a junior (grade eleven) at our school. My team only had eighth graders, Me, Shari, and Steve, which we have all our classes together. With Curtis always being on my side and not being on it only once (when we were talking about Euthanasia), I have won every debate except for one--- and now, two.

Our club leader's name rhymes with "Turkey" and "Jerky."

Anyway... we discussed our topics. First, I was ecstatic--- two Protestants and a Catholic on the same team--- woohoo! It makes me wanna listen to "Princess of China" by Coldplay and Rihanna ("once upon a time we're burning bright, and all we ever seem to do is fight... on and on. And on and on and on. Once upon a time on the same side, once upon a time on the same side, in the same game...")... you don't even know. Too bad I currently do not have an iPod.

Before we got started, Steve wanted to make sure one thing was clear: Religion was not off-limits. So we asked her a few questions and she asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Steve said, "My religion is why I don't believe in gay marriage. If I am allowed to bring it into the arguement, then I am all for debating this topic."
"Do your teammates agree?"
Me and Shari were slowly shaking our heads.
"Your teammates are shaking their heads, you should discuss it."
We discussed it and then we knew we had to do this debate.
"So, will you do it?" she asked.
"If I am allowed to bring my religion into this," Steve replied.
"And what about you girls over there?" She asked.
"I'm all for debating it, too," I replied, "As long as I can bring my religion into it, too."
Shari agreed.
"So are we allowed to use religion as a reason?"

She thought for a moment.

"If that is why you don't believe in it, then go on."

YES!!!! I knew that this was gonna be the best debate ever! Only it was... the worst debate ever.

Let the {intensity} flames begin.
Start of the debate. The other team gets to start. "And your time starts... NOW!" They had their opening arguement (I hate openings.... but I sure do love rebuttles!) and just as I thought, "Alright. Different views. No harsh feelings," they brought up a subject too close to my heart.

The Bible.

They were talking about all the "unrealistic rules" the Bible has in it. I was SOOOO MAD... How dare they make something I believe in sound stupid--- IT'S NOT STUPID! I actually read that book, you know, and so does everyone else who was on my team, and I don't appreciate people telling me that it's not true or measureable. Because it is. And I know it. They brought up so many "unrealistic" things.

"The Bible says you can't eat meat." (Gollee, guys... that's SO Old Testament!)
"The Bible says you can't have sex before marriage." (Oh my gosh guys... it's common sense.)
"God hates gays and lesbians."

First of all, they took our beliefs WAAAAAY out of context. You can eat meat now, after Christ's death, for some reason that was alright. You can't have sex before marriage because sex was invented (wow that sounds weird) for marriage... and so the world would get populated, of course. And God doesn't hate homosexuals. What He does hate is the decision they made. Am I understood? Heard loud and clear? Alright, then.

So me and Shari handled them about that, since we were the most offended. Then later on they were like, "If you had gay family members you would think differently."

Um... guys, you were pushing it before. Now, you're past past the line and it's about to get ugly.

After their rebuttle was over, I fought to the last ten seconds. "YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT MY FAMILY! I KNOW LOTS OF GAYS AND I LOVE THEM JUST THE SAME!" Shari had a similar rebuttle. But, remember when I said:

"Two Protestants and a Catholic on the same team--- woohoo!"? I would soon wish it wasn't that way. We believed the same thing... but with different beliefs behind it. We believed the same thing, but for different reasons entirely.

SHARI AND HOPE: "You may be gay, but you were not born that way."
STEVE: "I believe they can't control their tendency to be attracted to the same gender."
ALL THREE (but not at the same time): "This is not gonna work... we have completely different beliefs."

The other team noticed we were contradicting ourselves greatly, and as our team fell apart, the more we became our own little teams... we couldn't stay on the same side. Two protestants and a Catholic... it could have worked, it could have worked.

But it didn't.

And we lost (as you may have predicted).

And then, guess who comes in? Curtis! It's like, wow. Yo sure came in on time. So he talked to the teacher and came over by us and he's like, "Sorry, guys. I'm sure we could have won."

And that's the sad part.

If Curtis was there, it's not "we could have won"... WE WOULD HAVE WON! But you won't always win. And being me, being so used to being on the winning team, this was a good experience. Because you will not always convince people your god is the one true God. You will not always be able to win. But you will always be able to fight. To stand up for what you believe in. And even if they don't agree, you will be heard, and no longer silent. I'm glad they know what I believe, because that was the first time I let anyone at school know who I really am.

I am known as the girl who laughs way too much. Hates Cheerios. Sleeps in math class. Writes like mad. Doesn't go anywhere without her iPod.

But that's only a fraction of who I am.

First off, I do take things seriously--- A LOT of things. Second, I'm not as peppy as everyone thinks I am. In fact, I have an extreme lack of energy compared to fifth grade. And the reason I'm obsessed with music? It helps me get through life... 'nuff said. Not depressed, but music plays a role in my love for life. So it's a good thing God exists, because I couldn't make it without Him.

Wake up, America!
"It's feeling like the time's run out, but the hourglass just flipped itself over again. The sun is slowly sinking down, but on the other side, a new day waits to begin. If you dare to believe in life, you might realize that there's no time for talking."
-Boyce Avenue, "Dare to Believe"

Time's running out, guys. And where will you be when the hourglass empties and doesn't flip over again?

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