Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HEROES Week~ Are You Happy Now?

"Are You Happy Now?" by Megan and Liz is about bullies, obviously. But , it is also about bullies who were once bullied themselves and eventually turn into bullies. Basically feeding off of others' pain like a monster, but still not really benefiting from it, and the cycle restarts. Well, the cycle ends now.

To see lyrics to "Are You Happy Now", you can visit Eight Graders Anonymous or you can click a direct link to Eighth Graders Anonymous' lyric post of "Are You Happy Now."

I don't have any personal experiences that relate to this song... oh wait... Yeah, I do!!!

I have a friend who is extremely creative. She's like, my fashion inspiration. Always comes to church with a different color in her hair, more duct tape accessories, more pin-button things, new merchandise from her favorite bands (although we don't like the same music by any means, she likes Black Veil Brides and I don't, that being said I have no idea how we even get along as well as we do), and everything awesome... and a lot of pink! You wouldn't think anything would be wrong. You would probably think she was emo when you first met her, but she wears too many colors for that and has a bright personality. She's like... Christina Grimmie... a Christina Grimmie that listens to metal, that is. But you would think she's the happiest girl alive. Turns out she's not. I'm not saying her name because of what I am about to say. Self-abuse, serious depression... you name it.

Even I am a good example. I am smile-y, and I can't stop laughing, like, seriously. But on the inside I am just like anyone else. That's why so many people ask for my advice--- I listen because in a lot of cases, I've been there. And I don't know why people choose me, but I guess there's something special. You would think I'm the happiest girl alive, but I'm not. Those that saw me today saw I was dressed in all black because I was in a terrible, terrible mood. A lot of things happened over the weekend and I just wanted to be alone and cry for a minute. But, things eventually got better. Didn't get to cry... but eventually, I didn't even feel like I had to.

Here's another experience:
I have a stalker. Yes, a stalker. He's a seventh-grader at my school. And he's freaking me out. At first I thought he was just awkward, but no. I think he likes me (yes, I just now am figuring out he likes me because no guys have crushes on me). It's so unfair. There's the snobby girls that get the guys I really like love, and then there's girls like me who get the geeks. I used to think, "Oh, so I'm not pretty enough to get the hot guys?" But I don't... it doesn't matter as much anymore. Not really. So imagine how the geek feels? He probably feels like the science geek in "Are You Happy Now" verse 2.

"Fifteen years down the road, he could be EVERYTHING and you won't..."

Yeah, I don't think about that. I'm thinking that he's stalking me. He could grow up to be a serial killer, guys. I'm not thinking about him being the next Steve Jobbs. I'm thinking about... me. I do keep in mind his feelings. Like when he hugs me from behind I don't say anything, however my friend Fluffy (we call her Fluffy because she speaks no fluff--- she tells it like it is) screamed, "GET AWAY FROM HER!!!!!" Ha, that's what friends are for. But I just can't tell the kid to back off... what if he DOES become the next Steve Jobbs?

In this case, just like Joe Nichols' song "Size Matters," safety matters. If you don't feel safe, it doesn't matter how the person feels, honestly. Politely tell them to go away.

But also in this case... BE PATIENT. And also, if you're being bullied, you gotta learn to stand up for yourself. Sadly, not everyone is strong enough to speak up, so you have to do it yourself. Just like when being stalked. It's serious. Don't be afraid to say something. Because one thing leads to another...

And trust me, you won't be happy when the worst happens. You fill in the blank _________________.

Are you happy now???

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