Thursday, January 5, 2012


I decided I'd give you a small update on my school life for the first time using my brand new computer.

Let's just say this: no one wants to be suspended, have a sister who is a senior in high school, or have a mom who just had a baby when a field trip (overnight!) to DC comes along. But it happens. And it did happen to four kids in my half of the grade, which sadly, one of which is me (but I'm not the one that got suspended!!!).

I will not go into detail about this, because, um, two students were suspended and if they read that I told you what happened, they will kill me--- one of them is a black belt in Martial Arts, and I don't wanna mess with that. But they were suspended and school policy is, if you're suspended, no matter what time of the year it is, you are NOT going on any overnight field trips. Which makes me kinda sad, because, one of the kids that was suspended was REALLY excited about the trip, and REALLY wanted to go. But oh well. Bad decisions call for bad outcomes.

This one is about me (waaaaah!). My sister, Charity, will be graduating high school on June 10th. Yay! I get my own room, and I'm gonna end up with the bigger room because Faith wants the smaller room for some odd reason so that means more room for my music equipment (a standing bass, keyboard, guitar, karaoke machine to record vocals, only-sounds-you-hear-are-your-music headphones, and oh, my iPod and stereo, plus an electric guitar I'll buy and an amp). But that also means we leave DC the same day of her graduation and we don't get back until 10 p.m. I was really upset when I heard about that, because, don't get me wrong: graduations are kinda boring. But this is my sister we're talking about--- I can't miss my own sister's graduation! I have already missed half of her choir concerts this year, and I'm a little upset about that because this year she's in the Varsity choir, and they're always fun to watch! And last year I only attended one of her tennis matches. Never went to even one track meet or practice. So yeah. And she went to all of my gymnastics meets except for one, all my cheerleading/basketball games because they had food there, and maybe one or two volleyball games. So I have to go to her graduation. If I don't, that's just unacceptable. She went to everything... except for State and National Fine Arts, ha. I went to a lot of her activities, but that was before STEM happened. Before I started going to my area's STEM school (can't say its full name... no time for stalkers). Now, I'm loaded with homework and don't have the time... I had never missed any of Charity's choir concerts since she was a sophomore. And now she's in her final year of high school and I haven't showed up to anything... I'm basically counting down the days to summer... and dreading the days everyone will be at the field trip, except for, hmm, ME, and the kids listed above.

New "BABY BABY BABY OHHHHH!!!!" in the house?
Okay. Me? New baby? Um, not today. But, there is a new baby in someone's house. In fact there are two new babies. The first baby was from a different family that goes to my church. Their baby was born on, guess what day, JANUARY 1ST! They have a New Year's baby! So, everyone's gonna be staying up until 12 a.m. for the ball to drop... staying up until 12.a.m. for her birthday! Then the next family has a kid that has the exact same schedule as me, except for on Wednesdays. We were talking about the field trip and I was complaining about how I can't go because my sister just HAS to graduate this year. What happened to the girl who was a freshman when this blog first started? Well she grew up, so now I probably have to forfeit a trip that I really want to go to. But oh well, I know I'm not the only one--- one kid probably won't go because his mom just had a baby and she needs help with the new baby. So yeah.

So, let's pray we can all (except for the ones that got suspended. Sorry, but you knew what you were doing and you know who you are) make the trip. Wayne, can you guys like, um, completely post-pon your graduation ceremony??? How about the eleventh? That sounds like a good date! But oh well, go on, let me suffer.

May the odds be ever in your favor even though they're not in mine,

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