Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Winter Playlist

Ah, the goodness music does for mankind. So, I made a seasonal series of what I am listening to right now. So, here is what I'm listening to right now! (In no particular order.)
  1. "Old School Love" by Megan and Liz. "Does anybody miss that" old school love? I think so! The music video is really weird and the dancing is really awkward... But I love 1:15 through to 1:41. I've always wanted to hold a guy hostage... as bad as that may have sounded, it was completely innocent, trust me. And the guy on the left is named TJ. I have seen another video he's in (and he talks!) and it will be on Eighth Graders Anonymous very soon. Twinning??? Yes. Megan and Liz are fraternal twin sisters. They look sreepily similar here, especially at that part I just pointed out when they're doing all the same motions... so creepy... so awesome!
  2. "Airplanes" by the Local Natives. I love the piano, the bass, the percussion, the really weird lyrics, everything. And the violin, to Pluto and back. I love how it says "I keep those chopsticks you had from when you taught abroad, taught abroad in Japan." I love the song in general. I first heard the song at school. I love my school. I love the Skull Candy headphones I first heard this song with. I love the iPod it was on (Because it has "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects and a song by Peter Bjorn and John on it). I love YouTube. I love the person that posted the unofficial video on YouTube (@BennisHahn). "I love it all... so much I call,  want you back, back, back... You back..."
  3. "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars. The song was made for The Hunger Games, and I am more than excited! I never quite finished that series... LoL, didn't have the time to. But the song is just b-e-a-utiful... Even Faith likes, and that is a big deal coming from the Anti-TaylorSwift.
  4. "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" parts 1 and 2, by The Flaming Lips. Hate the band name, love the song. Part 1 is very inspiring, about a girl named Yoshimi who battled cancer and... well, she died. Part 2 is the battle... intense. And Yoshimi has a screaming part in it!
  5. "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John. Self-explanatory why I love it.
  6. "We Found Love" cover by Boyce Avenue. Love them. I hated the song before they covered it. Like, seriously. Cold hate. But Boyce Avenue changed all that. And, in honor of the brothers, my guitar is named Daniel Fabian Alejandro.
  7. "Take My Hand" by The Cab. Totally reminds me of middle school drama. So, my advice? "Don't worry, just breathe... Say they wanna change, I hope that you remain the same to show that this is not a game, let's end this tragedy today. Now take my hand and we will run away down to this place that I know... We won't, be apart of, we won't, be apart of this..."
  8. "Go to the River" by Yael Naim. Who doesn't love her???
  9. "Time" by Hans Zimmer:) for obvious reasons.
  10. "Again" by Flyleaf. Everybody hates Flyleaf and everybody loves them. I don't know how I feel. But I know for sure I love this song.
  11. "Your Love Never Fails" by Jesus Culture. When I first heard this song, I was in church with the adults an dwas like... "It's not that good a song..." Then I heard the original and was like, "Oh! The adult worship team didn't do this song justice at all..." and I have permission to say that about them because my dad is the worship team's main bassist!
  12. "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence. I just love Amy Lee's voice so much...
  13. "The Redeemer" by Sanctus Real. I can't get away from this beautiful band...
  14. "Battle At Aslan's How" by Harry Gregson-Williams, who composed lots of my gymnastics music way back in the day. He's 2012's Beethoven, Hans Zimmer is our Mozart.
  15. "Liar Liar" by Christina Grimmie. Christina... "Tell me why these roads keep leading... leading you right back..."
  16. "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne. An old classic I've always loved... and now I can play it on guitar!
  17. "Hey Mama" by Mat Kearney. Catchiest song I've ever heard. This is a pop-ish song, but I am making an exception--- Mat, you're amazing!
  18. "Sing You Home" by Xenia. I saw the video in a Justin Bieber playlist and was like, "Xenia? Hey, that's a city in my state!" Then I realized the girl's name is Xenia. Yeah, she was a contestant on The Voice last year. I only watched some of it because Adam Levine was on it.
  19. "Ships in the Night" by Mat Kearney. Okay, this is definitely pop, no exceptions. But i don't care... this is what pop music was MEANT to be.
  20. And, of course, every. Deas. Vail. song. there. is.
That's my music life this season!!

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