Monday, November 28, 2011

What's YOUR Team???

I know what you're thinking. I can read minds.

YOU: "Oh no..."
ME: "Ohh yeahh babyy..."
YOU: "Please don't tell me you're team Jacob."
ME: "I'm not."
YOU: "So you're team Edward?"
ME: "Nope."
YOU: "What team are you???!!!"
ME: "I'm Team Zimmer/Gregson-Willliams!"
YOU: "They're not in Twilight..."
ME: "I'm not talking Twilight... I'm talking score!"

I hope that resolved everything. One: I don't watch/read Twilight. Two: I think there's only one point there.

Right now I am listening to one of my absolute favorite scores, "Battle At Aslan's How" by Harry Gregson-Williams. (You can hear that song, plus two other songs by Williams, two songs by Trevor Rabin, and "Time" by Hans Zimmer if you click here.) But that's not what this is about. This is about TAKE THAT, "SOCIAL NETWORK!"

Okay, so, if you're not in on the latest Score drama, you need to read this.
First, if you're REALLY not updated about what's going on in the world of Score and you don't even know what it is, let me clarify this: It is not fiction. It is a genre of music, usually (as far as I know) meaning it is a part of a soundtrack for a movie and it's instrumental with the exception of acappella. So, the latest drama going on is that Trent Reznor got an Oscar (I know... aren't those for movies? Then again, scores are a part of movies, so...) for his work on "The Social Network" and it beat out my ole man Hans. I mean, seriously. "The Social Network" ain't got nothing on this:

You gotta love "Time"... I love it so much that my last chapter of "Unspoken" is about Grace, and if you read the book you'll find out who she is, and I named the chapter "Time" because, well, she's kinda explaining that time has healed her of so many things while also taking breaks in between mentioning how she's playing piano in her school's orchestra at the time. And you wouldn't know it unless you were Team Zimmer or read this post, but the song she is playing is "Time".

And what other musician sounds better live than recorded? That's a first! (Psst--- that's Hans on the piano!)

Take THAT, Team Reznor! You may love that guy of yours so much, but would you dedicate an entire chapter of your BOOK to him? Would you put him in your acknowledgements (I don't think Zimmer will be in there, but there's a chance)? And, would you put your funeral in the hands of Zimmer by having "Time" played there hopefully a good seventy years from now? Nope. You're just too Facebook-obsessed to realize there's better music out there. So get off the computer and get on your iPod. Get off Facebook and get on iTunes. You can still be forgiven of your misdemeanor. You can give my buddy an Oscar... next time he makes a masterpiece like this.

And listen to my other buddy while you're at it. This beautiful song deserves more than a place in a movie. It deserves more than having the privilege of being the first song I ever learned musically, and it was on piano FYI. And it deserves more than being my second favorite score.

Don't the violins and cello and horn make you wanna cry???? I swear I have asthma when I listen to this song. I can't breathe.

Take THAT, Team Facebook! You don't even deserve the right to be called Team Reznor. All due respect. But y'all got nothing on this. I'm barely breathing, it's that good. I. CAN'T. BREATHE.


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