Friday, November 18, 2011

We Are Hungry...

No, I am not talking about that one worship song ("We are hungry, we are hungry, we are hungry for more of You. We are thirsty, oh Jesus..."). I'm really talking about food. I love food so much I asked for it for Christmas... help me.

Ever been so hungry, it was your last class period before lunch, and your stomach kept reminding you? That was me in STEM Foundations today. We didn't have advisory, so we were in class ten minutes longer. And guys, don't get me wrong, I love that class, but it drags on and on and on and on ("On and On" by Chasen = totally describes that class), maybe because it's my third period class which is normally right before lunch, unless I have Debate Team, then that makes thirty more minutes before lunch on Wednesdays.

So, I'm listening to some lecture on filmography, and this conversation started:

STOMACH: Me hungry. (plus: disgusting growl)
HOPE: Shh.
STOMACH: Me hungry... (growling again)
HOPE: Be quiet.
STOMACH: Hope, I'm hungry. (louder growl)
HOPE: Just wait five minutes until lunch...
STOMACH: Hope, you said "five minutes" five minutes ago... (bigger, louder growl)
HOPE: Aw dude, I hope no one in front of me hears this...
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE (my very short friend): *Giggles*
HOPE: Brianna (Strawberry's real name), you didn't hear my stomach, did you?
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: *Hysterically laughing while nodding head, hoping no teachers will walk by, trying to be as quiet as what is possible*
HOPE: Come on clock, can you move any slower?
STOMACH: Me hungry!!! (LOOOOUUUD growl)
HOPE: Okay, seriously, stop it now.
STOMACH: FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (loudest growl that went on for like, ten seconds)
HOPE: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah.... that was embarrassing. So like, I brought it up in sixth period today and me and Strawberry Shortcake were laughing and were like, "Me hungry! Feed me!" Not only was the growling embarrassing, but you didn't hear it... it sounded like I had freakin' diarrhea for Pete's sake! I didn't have diarrhea, but still... sounds are deceiving--- especially when they last for ten seconds! I mean, guys, it was nasty sounding. Living grodyness.

So, ladies, here's a tip: If you're hungry, don't sit behind your crush. I wasn't sitting behind a guy I like because I don't like any right now, but he is a friend of mine (Mister Crow) and already has weird suspicions about my odd stomach noises because one day in sixth period, I didn't eat a lot that day unless you count loads of ketchup on a chicken sandwich. Maybe that's a normal amount of food, but I'm one of those girls that has to sneak a snack into every class period... except for science. So, I had a headache and had my hand covering one eye, plus I started falling asleep for the second time that day. Then, my stomach was like, "Me hungry! You haven't fed me all day, you moron!" And he turned around. He kinda stared awkwardly for a moment as if he was hoping that noise wasn't me. And I was sitting there, hoping no one else heard that noise. Guys, I have one mean stomach that knows how to embarrass me. "Hope, are you feeling okay?" He asked. Second person to do that all day. The first time though... it was something different... I fell asleep in STEM Foundations.

If you hear a loud, thunder-like noise anywhere, it's probably my stomach...

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