Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finally Thirteen!

Okay, I don't know about you, but it feels like I've been twelve forever. I mean, yeah, I act like it. But I think the reason it feels like I've been twelve forever is because twice a week someone always says "Holy cow you are not twelve." And guys, when a security guard says that to you at an airport, it's creepy. Well now, my age is just slightly more believable. I'm still still the youngest in my half of the eighth grade at my school, but it's not obvious anymore.

I used to be excited about this day, like in my post "Lucky Thirteen" that I wrote when I was eleven. Which is amazing. I have spent three birthdays on this blog. Time flies. It's amazing what was hidden in that post. It gave me so many clues as to what would happen in my future and I didn't even know it. Like, I mentioned places I was getting readers from and Phoenix, Arizona was listed. Little did I know I was competing there exactly one year later (I mean EXACTLY--- right down to the day). I brought up the fact that "I might take Chinese next year". I'm not taking it right now, but I was referring to the school that I am now at. Eighth graders don't take Chinese this year, but they will next year which won't make a difference for me because I'll be a freshman by then. One way or another I'm taking Chinese. But wow--- freshman year is that close? It's hard to believe you guys have had access to my life since I was ten years old! Hot diggity! All those spelling errors from 2009 haunt me to this day... and then I see how I write now... just wow. And something even weirder? This blog is older than the school I go to. This website has been around since the 2008-2009 schoolyear, when my school started in the 2009-2010 schoolyear. I'm a newbie, but I've got my high school buddies who have been here awhile, thanks to my sophomore sis. Then, I wished the "Fine Arts participants in Detroit" good luck. Little did I know someone would be wishing me luck for the same thing 363 days later!

Yeah. I highly doubt you read the above paragraph but thanks if you did! That's just me babbling again! My parents should have named me Gabby.

Well, today started out as not fun for certain reasons. Then I got on the bus. By the time my bus reached the corner of the street, which was literally thirty seconds later, it just broke down. So we were sitting there for like, thirty minutes and I got my iPod taken away, so... not the funnest birthday, LoL (and yes, I didn't take it out of context, I'm laughing in my mind). But I was bored and just sitting there. However, the kids that were already on the bus became a little family in the time the bus broke down! We're like a little family... gosh, I wish I was serious.

Then, we got the shuttle which is at a local elementary school. We got there and I got on my bus that takes me to my school. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" a lot of kids yelled. Aside from being creeped out that they knew it was my birthday, it made me a little happier.

Then, we were on the road and me and my friends were talking about random things. Then, Dena (From Dena's World on the blog list) was on the phone and we thought she was talking to her mom or something. Then we heard her say something about "Hope from the Dayton Regional *hum* School" and then when she hung up she told us she called the radio station. That we were listening to right at the moment. Luckily, they didn't call my name.... OH NO I HAVE TO HEAR THE BIRTHDAY SONG IN YOUTH TONIGHT! And I am not officially thirteen yet... I will be at 8:35 p.m.

Lunch was great. I got to eat in my Language Arts classroom! Yay! And I'm not being sarcastic--- I like eating in there. No, I didn't have detention... that's one reason why I like it.

I was hoping I could eat Church's Chicken today but I don't think it'll work. So much for the love of fried chicken, eh?

P.S. Yesterday was Megan and Liz's birthday, so... happy birthday to ya. And tomorrow will be my friend Maya's birthday, but only my church friends and two school friends know her, so y'all wish her a happy one.
P.P.S. GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! EEK!!!!!!!!!! I reached my goal of 13,000 pageviews by my thirteenth birthday! It's all because of you! You should have seen the smile on my face when I saw I almost am at 14,000! Without you, I'd be stuck in a rut, no kidding. You guys have been the world to me since I was ten... don't ever forget it. I love you. This is the perfect ending to my day.

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