Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Smile, hide your pain.
Laugh, hide your tears.
Walk, you're too strong to crawl.
Courageous, until you break.
                  This is how we live, this is how we strive
                  In this stupid world, who even wants to try?
                  Try to go on when there's nowhere to be,
                  Try to find a place when all you find is Hide-and-Seek.
                  All hide, no seek.
Put on a brave face, don't let 'em see your weakness.
Put your real self on a shelf and forget the gift you have...
                    Just a moment.
Release the pain in the flames of your heart.
Let the water flow out your oceanic eyes,
Let the signs of weakness pour out in the stream.
It's okay to cry, but we need to try,
Here I know I belong, though there's nowhere to be,
Hide-and-Seek, maybe I've found seek.
                        I can't do it alone, this I know,
                        I'm taking the love I can give...

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