Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving time means....

More stuff.
More blogging.
More writing (and finishing up the last chapter and epilogue of "Unspoken"--- yay!).
More food.
More music.
More time with me and my dog (I am petting her with my left hand and typing with my right at this moment).

About the stuff...
So, for my birthday, I got the entire "Dark Kiss" collection from B&BW, plus a shimmer mist that I'm wearing right now. I also got a beginner's guitar book, and I'm not a beginner so I know most of the stuff in the book, but it shows how to read music and I don't wanna learn that but it will be handy when I start playing cello. I got some guitar picks... not as thin as my lucky guitar pick so I can't holepunch them (bummer), but they'll be handy, too. I got some body sprays that smell REALLY GOOD and I'm putting them in my cubby at school--- one for when I first get off the bus, one for after lunch, one for after P.E. My favorite gift was a pair of headphones--- I NEEDED THEM! They're Sony headphones, and it took awhile to get used to the different kind of sound, but they're worth it alright. Earbuds never worked for me... one bud always popped out or something crazy like that, and even though they're more convenient, I'm a music geek that cares about the sound more than anything, so headphones are the thing for me. (note: listen to "Time" by Hans Zimmer with headphones instead of earbuds and it's magical!)

About Unspoken...
I'm working on the last two chapters in the rough draft. The book is moving by quarters. It's supposed to move by school quarters, but I'm really behind because my school's first quarter ended waaay at the beginning of this month, so I need to pick up the pace. Then, for quarter 2, I am taking out a few chapters and typing it up. For Quarter 3 I will have some friends and maybe some teachers proofread it and then I will revise it. For Quarter 4, I will start getting ready to publish and getting in touch with Morris Self-Publishing. And in the summertime, the book will be set to release. Then I will begin work on "The Interstate," and start the process all over for freshman year. My sophomore project will be "On Death's Edge." Then, I'll probably take a break to focus on my junior and senior years of high school and work on my music career. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I love food soooo much! In fact, I will be posting a recipe on here really soon! Possibly today! And I just noticed today is Thanksgiving, so have a happy one. I'm thankful for Church's Chicken. And no, I didn't get to eat it Tuesday. And I was really looking forward to it.

More music!
I've been looking everywhere possible for tracks for all my Fine Arts Festival stuff. Right now, I'm working on my Spanish vocal solo, "How Great Thou Art", Carrie Underwood's version. It's actually really easy--- It is the first song I've ever done in high key, but despite that the Spanish lyrics are quite simple to memorize. I am also looking for songs for my ASL solo, and am currently torn between "Desire" by Deas Vail and "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" by Relient K.

For my normal vocal solo, I am trying something else new. It's not in Spanish, and it's not in high key. BUT! For the first time ever, I am doing the music--- myself! I'm playing guitar along with my vocals! The song is "Something Beautiful" by NEEDTOBREATHE. This is gonna be interesting. It's pushing my range a lot, like on one part I have to go really low, and I'm not gonna take the easy way out and sing it the normal way--- I want people to hear how low my vocal range really is! I don't want people to hear the same baby that sang at Fun Arts in sixth grade. I don't want people to hear the same little kid that sang a song in low key and had to stop and catch her breath in the middle of a verse in seventh grade at the Fine Arts District Festival. I don't want people to hear the girl who had to sing soprano notes in "Excuses" every time the lead vocalist wasn't there before Nationals. I want them to hear the message the song has.

Also, if you want, go check out "Take My Hand" by The Cab. I had it on replay for around three hours last night and am still not tired of it! And check out "Go to the River" by Yael Naim. She's an indie folk artist, but trust me, you've heard a song or two by her (like this one that was on a lot of Apple commercials: "I'm a new soul...").

And, I'm working on a cover of "Lovers in Japan" by Coldplay. I've got the guitar chords down, all except for G. I don't think I'll post it on YouTube, but maybe. Besides, I don't wanna be one of those annoying commenters that say "I don't think anyone will see this but someone will see this..."

Good news!
My family is coming to my house this Thanksgiving! Yay! I can't wait for them to see my guitar and ferret calendar (don't ask...) and string bass/cello and autographed Deas Vail poster and random church pew... yeah. Excited.

So... see ya later.


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