Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Phoenix 2011: What I Like About YOU!

I decided to take a step back and think about at least one thing amazing about every FAF student.
Mariah: You have a beautiful voice and awesome hair. Plus, you're fun to talk to. If you could be my vocal coach, I'd sound AMAZING!

Brian: You're the best drummer our band could have asked for. Yeah, you had some problems keeping the beat, but... you're still awesome and you reminded us to "get pumped"! You're also very outgoing, and you're very fun to talk to. I can't believe I've known you since I was four years old!

Nathan: Who could've been a better leader on guitar (sorry, Josh)? Not only were you the lead guitar, but you were much like the leader of the band. A little bossy at times, yes. But you kept us on track, you were always the leader, and I---and many others, I'm sure---admire that you were definitely born a leader. When I joined the band, I thought you would actually be shy. But NOOOO.... you're very, kinda, um, loud. And you have a sense of humor that is hard to forget about, and talking to you is very easy. You're awesome!

Lauren: You're an amazing poet (can you help me with my poem next year?). You're another person I expected to be shy, but nope. Not shy at all. You're a very fun person to be around, and I can talk to you about a lot of things because first of all, you're seventeen and I'm twelve, so you're a lot more mature than the girls my age. Plus, you're very trustworthy.

Mark: Marcus, Mark-ey, Albino (even though you're a brunette), Dr. Mark. There is no official nickname for you. You're an amazing pianist, so when I found out you would join the Christian Band (you're already on the worship team), I was like, "Oh, yeah..." But a part of me also knew that our practices were gonna be crazy. I knew you were gonna be loud, and I knew this would be the start of many jokes, like Yoga Farm. You're hilarious and very talented, Dr. Mark.

Chris: Everybody hates LOVES Chris. Now, lately it has seemed that you've been more shy than you used to be. Which is great, because, everyone in the band is loud to some extent, so it's nice to have someone who only talks when it's important. You're awesome on bass and in life, and you know it!

Drew: Oh, my Drewbie. The photographer with five different cameras. I don't know what you do with that many cameras, but it sounds like I've got a photo buddy! You are very energetic and can bring out the fun side in anyone. Working with you in the childrens' ministry is really fun, too! I could totally see you as a famous photographer someday. You're a great friend, Drew! And no matter what you say, I'm not getting cornrows! :)

Josh: JOSHUA! You go beyond rhythm guitar. You double as the life of the party (er, band practice). Some awkward kid you can be, and that's what everyone loves about you! Whether it's pulling out and/or smelling someone's hair, twisting words, or just plain being Josh, you can always make someone smile. Keep it up, Joshie!
And thus concludes the blog post. I'm gonna start saying that (I'll tell you where I got it from later)!

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