Friday, August 12, 2011

Phoenix 2011: The Statistics

Number of times Mariah suggested her younger sister (Natalie!) perform the song "What Love Really Means" by JJ Heller: Two, I think.

Approximately, Brian complained about drumset: Five times at the least.

Amount of times Tracey the Tree's name was brought up, mentioned, and/or the possibility of her winning Fine Arts merit: I don't even know.

Times Lauren said "Intrigue", "Intrigues", or "Intriguing": Six.

Number of escalators and de-escalators that Mark sang on the moment he touched them: Forty times? Nah, probably more.

Number of strings Nathan broke: In Phoenix, he broke ZERO. So proud of him--- the previous week, he broke (at least) four strings.

Times we mourned that Relient K would be in our hotel the day after we leaved: Twelve, just a guess.

The words "Baja" and "Fresh" used in the same sentence: Thirteen times at the least.

Approximately, trains passed and Hope (me) quoted "You're waiting for a train..." (you know, from "Inception"): Twenty-one times wouldn't be enough.

The baby, Ella, got picked up: Several, several times.

Amount of items Hope bought from the vintage booth in the Exhibit Hall: Two. One was a floppy hat (you know my weakness!), the other was a rose hair clip.

Chances I've had to go to Phoenix for a Youth Convention: Just one.

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