Saturday, August 13, 2011

Phoenix 2011: This One's For the Leaders!

Pastor Corey, Mrs. Janette, Mrs. Sandy, Mr. Steve... THANK YOU to everyone that made the Phoenix trip possible for our church!

Thanks to the people at National Youth Ministries, also! You guys made the trip possible for over 10,000 students!

And thanks to the people at Ohio Youth Ministries (we're looking at you, Pastor Becky) for making a District Fine Arts possible for all the Ohio kids! And the judges there were awesome (not just saying that because my church's Christian Band placed second)! Even the ones that gave me poor scores on my writing and singing, they taught me precisely what I need to work on, both for Fine Arts ministry and my own personal ministries. The writing judges taught me how to improve my writing for next year, but it has also improved the way I write my books that I hope to put on the market within the next five years (Don't think I'm crazy. I'm serious!). The middle school-aged female vocal solo judges helped me a little with working on my range, articulation, and breathing. They helped a lot.

Frontier Airlines. Hmm, what should I say about you? Without you, we would have been driving for days to get there. I mean, HELLO, the convention was in Arizona. We live in Ohio. Thanks to your careful pilots and nice security guards.

To wherever and whoever Josh rented his guitar from, thank you SOOOO much. Without you, we would have had one less man in the band.

San Carlos hotel. Thanks for letting us basically live there for a week! I loved it there and although the shower didn't always have a consistent temperate that sometimes hurt a little, the food was really good and I loved the electric grand piano in the lounge--- I touched that piano, and Matt Thiessen touched it just a few days after! We touched the same piano *gigglegiggle*!

Starbucks. You kept a lot of us awake at the airport and after performing. Your double---or triple, it was 5 a.m., why would I remember?---chocolate brownie really satisfied my craving, but it was a little strong. And then your fruit cup took away the chocolaty guilt. And your chocolate croissant that I had at the convention center.... mmmm.....

Dear Judge Number 2 at Nationals for the Christian Band, I really liked the score sheet you gave us. Not just because it said the vocals had tight harmonies that I'm proud to say I did. Just because you're an awesome judge. Only because you rock. Nothing special...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that made Phoenix possible.

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