Monday, August 8, 2011

The Harvest of Grace!

"We're all guilty of the same things... and I know that I have been forgiven and I just hope you can forgive me, too..."

First, I must say that I recommend The Harvest of Grace to anyone.

This book is about Sylvia Fisher, a young Amish woman. Although she hasn't joined the faith yet, she lives the Amish way. She has a strong connection with her sister Beckie and boyfriend Elam until the unexpected happens.

When Elam proposes to Sylvia, she hesitates. Although she says that she needs more time, instead Elam proposes to her sister, Beckie, and they get married against Sylvia's wishes. A path of betrayal follows, leading her to move far away from home to find work and get away from Elam and Beckie.

While away, she meets Aaron, a former alcoholic (now sober) who just got back from rehab. Things aren't looking up for Aaron as his parents don't trust that he's changed and they love the new farmhand (Sylvia) like their own daughter. While Aaron is trying to escape the farm life, Sylvia wants to keep the farm running. While both focused on opposite goals and dealing with their own struggles, will they ever find peace (and even love)?

Sylvia is learning to forgive Beckie and Elam, Aaron is desperate to be forgiven, and Cara Moore is trying to forgive her formerly alcoholic father who abandoned her at a young age. How will they learn to forget their past and forgive what they've done?

I honestly thought this story would be boring. I really did. It's not often that I look at an Amish book and say, "That looks interesting"! Amish books have always come across as rather boring to me, so had I not been apart of Multnomah's reviewing program, this book would have been easily overlooked. This is one of those books that I wouldn't have picked up unless there was nothing better. And there was nothing better because this book was amazing!

I recommend this book to anyone interested, even slightly interested. If you like the show "Switched at Birth" (Did you catch the summer finale?!), you'll love this book by Cindy Woodsmall. I recommend it to anyone ages 12 and up, and I think teenagers and young adults would find this book interesting. You don't have to love romance to love this book, GUARANTEED. You have my word for it.

This book was just awesome. I read it poolside and the pages are all wrinkled (Phoenix flashback...), and while reading the first chapter, Mariah (band's lead vocalist) was leaning over my shoulder just trying to get a glimpse at the drama going on in the book (specifically, when Sylvia found out about Beckie and Elam). I crossed the street while reading it in Phoenix traffic, even--- dangerous, I know. But I couldn't get my eyes off of it.

My complaints? Well, it sure didn't take long for the book to catch my attention, but the first chapter seemed a little climatic to be only the first chapter. And it was a little confusing, switching from character to character and plot to plot so often that I was like "Who am I reading about???" Just slow down a little.

I would give it five stars, but if there are complaints, that automatically moves it down a little. Because there were two complaints, I will give this four stars. But I did enjoy the book. Good job, Cindy.

Paperback! 344 pages!
Published by: WaterBrook Multnomah!

P.S. Thank you, Multnomah, for providing me with an awesome book that I wouldn't have read without your involvement. And being a reviewer for you has its benefits... I'm being paid in books!

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  1. I read this book too and I did get totally confused sometimes as to which character she was talking about at a certain time. There were almost too many characters! but I liked it too. :)


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