Thursday, August 11, 2011

Phoenix 2011: Say It!

  • "You're waiting for a train. You know where you hope it will take you..." -Hope
  • "...Tracey the Tree..." -Most commonly said by Nathan, other times Natalie
  • "Are you dealing with a big monkey man?" -Mark or Natalie, sometimes Hope
  • "White people can do bad, too." -Josh
  • "That's intriguing..." -Lauren
  • "Ooh, check out this song..." (and just then turns on their iPod) -Brian
  • "Okay, so my kids are gonna be named Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, and..." -Hope
  • "Hope, you should totally get cornrows." -Drew
  • Two words: "STAGE PRESENCE".
  • "...With exploding buildings right behind me..." -"Excuses", originally performed by Deas Vail. Our band covered it for the competition/festival and the rest of the week, that was the only line we cared to sing. Sounds out of place, right?
  • "If you're gonna do it easy, you're gonna do it right." -Hope, referring to gymnastics moves and swimming pools
  • "That's the power of Pine-Sol, baby!" (You see, our hotel smelled like Pine-Sol.)
  • "De-escalator, de-escalator..." -Mark
  • "Your dad is a cool man." -Josh, and who's dad was he talking about? Mine! I'm that awesome, right? I guess I get it from Daddy.
  • "Are you breathing, Christian???" -Mark, and you know what he's quoting.
  • "Baja Fresh", and that pretty much speaks for itself. Awesome restaurant, even though certain students (but not me) went through some stomach upsets (*COUGH* diarrhea *COUGH*).
  • SOMEONE IN MY GROUP: "Can you speak Spanish?" ME: "Um, yeah... uh... Aloha???"
  • "There was a GORILLA next to A SMALL CHILD!!!" -Nathan
  • "I was a loser [in Fine Arts] back in '92... well, who's the loser now?" -Matthew West
  • "What the no!" -Am I quoting myself a little too much?
  • "Who's gonna be in the Christian Band next year?" -Nathan. I love that quote because I'm doing it again, y'all! The band that placed 2nd in Ohio is coming back! MWAHAHA!
Quotes. They are what pull us together and tear us apart. But these are the ones that will pull us together years after the closing ceremony.

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