Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Phoenix Days Are Held in a Photograph.

Over 300 pictures were taken in Phoenix, Arizona. I myself hardly took any, except for taking a load of pictures of the baby (at my first school orientation today, a girl said you can never take too many pictures of a baby) and I kinda regretted not taking a lot of pictures. Luckily, other people evidently took a lot of photos, and you know what that means? Blog time!

This is Baja Fresh. Lovely restaurant. Has gotten good reviews. Here's my honest review of the place: my burrito was a little dry, but that was partially my fault for not putting sauce on it. But, it was fresh! They also have 99 cent cups and you can get free refills FOREVER AND ALWAYS. Good place. Instead of saying something is fresh, I'm just gonna be like, "That's baja!"

This is the U.S. Airways Center. Basketball games are held there... yeah. When we were walking in the first day, we didn't know that bags had to be checked (it may have "airways" in its title, but it's not an airport), so Drew was walking in and this security guard pulled him back by the collar (creepy, I know. I may be exaggerating, but I don't think I am) and was like "Yo, all bags gotta be checked." Security guards? Still scary.

Okay, I don't what this was. From the left, Mark is holding a Baja Fresh cup (oh yeah!). Lauren is smiling. Now, Brian, Nathan, and Josh: WHAT WERE YOU LOOKING AT???? I'm confused. Drew's just being Drew. I look like I'm choking myself. Chris isn't even smiling. Mrs. Janette, the baby, and Pastor Corey look pretty normal. But this brings me to ask: Was this supposed to be a silly photo??? I'm lost.

What's reaching out without prayer???

This is me reading "The Harvest of Grace". Good book--- no lie! A little confusing, but good!

"I'm taking the chicken out your car!"

The view from Sky Harbor. I believe we were flying over Denver by this time.
Well, that's all the Phoenix pictures--- at least for now. Special thanks to the people that took these photos--- none of these are my own originals. I have an idea of who might have taken them, though. So yeah, thanks to you guys because without your pictures, this post would not exist, and I'm serious. Thanks a lot.

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