Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Phoenix 2011: The Students

Mariah: Has been a singer for as far back as she remembers. Is prone to sun-poisoning. Also plays piano. Sings on the Youth worship team. Her Fine Arts solo song was "Unredeemed" by Selah. Is headed to college---an AG college---in a few weeks.

Brian: Played drums in the Christian Band. Is tanner than me, although I am black and he's Asian. Also plays guitar and bass, and I think he can do piano. Is on the Youth worship team as well. He will be a high school senior this year.

Nathan: Played lead guitar in the Christian Band. Is the same skin-tone as me, although I am black and he is... white. Has an intense fear of Tracey the Tree (just watch and see... I'll tell you who she is later). Also plays bass clarinet, has played piano for two years now (and is already playing songs like "Mad World" and "Shoreline", both of which are very impressive songs), and can probably play many more instruments. Plays guitar on the Youth worship team. Will be a high school senior this year, along with my sister--- they go to the same school.

Lauren: Wrote poetry for Fine Arts. Has amazing curly hair. She is quite social, but sometimes can be a little quiet. Is the main greeter on the Youth leadership team. Will be a high school senior this year.

Mark: Played keys for the Christian Band. Is obsessed with math and started taking college courses in the eighth grade, but now he does it as part of PSEO. He's been playing piano since he was really little, but started lessons in fifth grade. Plays piano on the Youth worship team. Will be a high school junior this year.

Chris: Played bass guitar for the Christian Band. Is tanner than me (I guess Asians are really tan...). He can also do guitar and possibly piano (?), and drums maybe. I'm pretty sure he's on the Youth worship team. Will be a high school sophomore this year.

Drew: Entered his photography in Fine Arts. Looks like Justin Bieber, sort of. He can play guitar and piano and wants to take vocal lessons. Wants to be on the Youth worship team. He also does poetry and has a blog that he doesn't really use. Will be a high school freshman this year (my Drewbie is growing up!).

Josh: Played rhythm guitar in the Christian Band, backing up his brother (Nathan). I think his hair is awesome, but he won't believe me when I say it (I guess he thinks I'm making fun of how long it is?). He can probably play other instruments, I just don't know about them. Played on the worship team for one night, and might join again. Will be a high school freshman this year (and my Joshie is growing up, too!) at my sister's school. Good luck, Charity and Nathan... we all know Josh is a little rambunctious.

Hope (me): Did background vocals in the Christian Band, backing up Mariah. Very light-skinned to be fully black, screams like crazy (that milkshake incident... flashback...), loves to read. Can play guitar (sort of) and string bass. Wishes she could play piano. Wants to be on the Youth worship team but isn't on it for a few reasons (I was talking to Josh about why, but he just like "Talk to Nathan about it". I kept talking anyway, because it feels good knowing someone's not listening so you can tell them anyhting because they don't even care... just think about it and you'll see what I mean). Will be in eighth grade this year and was the youngest Fine Arts student this year, currently is the second-to-youngest Youth member.
That's us for ya. So, if you combine all these kids, it's quite a combination. Especially Mark, Josh, and Chris, three "very reactive chemicals" and you put them together and it's this massive explosion. Phoenix was fun with those kids, and I'm still trying to get used to my home time zone. I miss Phoenix, and even though the last time I saw these kids was Sunday, two days ago, it feels like forever because I've gotten used to seeing them everyday. You guys are awesome.

And thus concludes the blog post.

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